AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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ok come to aquatopia by portal i wait there


I’d forgotten all about it, I’ll come swing by with a lot of items and post here when I have with the list of items for sale. :sun_with_face:


cool thanks just a reminder :smile:
oh and i didn here if you fine with eldwen using your spot on plaza he said you aproved off it


That’s right, I DM’d him about it, it’s fine with me since due to the meteor update I don’t think the Oort Shrine is so useful anymore, or at least it should be in a different location


wonna have more fun im drowning lol puting more floor hahaha


Updated my shop stand in Aquatopia with Refined Gleam, Gem Tools/Slingbows and Oort Shards/Stones, all at reasonable prices


nice thanks man


I hope, I write in right topic. )
@the-moebius Hi, again! Yesterday I lost and my connection was broke. lol
I didn’t save coordinates of places you showed me. Can you give me 1 place, where I can build? Just show it to me and I dig into it. )


yes is right topic
you can choose where you build
if it is free space you can take it
take something you like on the 3 streets
im not gonna choose where you build lol


hey nevermore you still need a shop or did i allready helped ya with the home spot :smile:just contact me here if ya need anything else or ingame


I almost have a house setup, and I still need a shop spot :smiley:


coolz what ya thinking off a one shop plot
one off the rooms
or a portal in shopping to a shop elsewhere :smile:
ill come check out the house love to see it


almost done with the house, like i need more bricks shakes fist dang bricks and some of the blocks not totally happy with it so I can replace as i get what i want.I cant afford to keep a portal active yet. I would gladly look at some plots if you have any ideas. I liked the mud room I was going to use but with the neighbor cutting into half the room it leaves it super unbalanced and it makes my OCD ache


i be there in 10mins
dont know where mud room is


i will login as well :smiley: i have a few mins. just book shopping


Oi Moebius. Sorry about earlier. I was trapped in DC and it wouldnt let me back in. Hit me up later so we can chat shop space. I got so much stuffies


coolz is all good did you grab some gems on the hunt :smile:


No. I am so little I could barely keep up haha. And I went offline within maybe 10 mins of it.


Have you a shop space yet?? If not I can sort you out with a kitted up one I’m not using


I do not! That would be awesome though!