AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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I’ll let you know when I’m next on I’ve some stuff to move out of the storage but once it’s ready I’ll let you know


Yeah just hit me up here or in the game im Nevermore


hey @Jenndragonfly was walking around in pixel and your greenhouse beacon is running very low fuel it soon :smile:


Hi I’ll be on this evening if you will be??


yes just tell me when you will be :smiley: I can be on anytime. I do switch between this and wow though.


Fire caverns portals is down. Please fix it. It was the only way I knew how to get to Andoweem.


I belive Fire Caverns is on hiatus.


Fire Caverns is indeed on hiatus, as @ComplexRogue7 mentioned.

Jeff’s portal network goes through there, and I believe the new Portal Seekers network either does or will soon.


dont understand what hiatus is but firecaverns will not reopen anytime soon
theres 2 new networks on shopping district and 1new one on plaza where firecaverns was


It means it’s closed for now


thanks need help with english sometimes lol im dutch :smile:


No problem :slight_smile: Your English is good - at least you can speak more than one language, I can’t!


thanks actually im belgian and speak dutch totally different thing cant be misstaken for a dutch to proud a belg for that lol


Really enjoying the atmosphere of Aquatopia. I would like to inquire about getting a home or room there.


in the garden distrixt you just find a free spot and when ya see a leader or me ill add ya to clubhouse to leave mesages in aquatopia samething just plot a room thats free one thing in the citycenter the rooms are under alake so they require draining by putting in sand and then removing it and keeping water where ya want it :smile:


Its an awesome place to hang out :smiley:


Use Jeff’s Portal. They reach everywhere. Jeff’s network reaches almost every major town on each planet. Pixel Gate (Solum), Gleams (Vena 5), New Berlyn (Berlyn), Mount Andoweem (Andoweem), Therka Market (Therka), etc


The Gem Hunter Emporium is now open! We sell Iron tools and Slingbows plus storage and other items to begin your house. Come and see us in the Shopping center :smiley:



Would love to connect my base to Aquatopia, building a bit of a theme park, with a slide and bungee jump so far, more on the way. If you have a spare portal, look me up in game or on Discord.




Cool stuff def deserves a themed one i got a nice spot freedup yesterday i let ya know when im on