Are there any Creative Sovereign worlds sticking around for a while?

I’d like to build something in creative mode, specifically to use as my base for my Boundless videos. But I would be sad to build it on a Sovereign creative world only to see it disappear because the owner wasn’t paying for it.

Anyone know of any that are paid up for potentially the next few years or so?

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Janus II is open and staying around. Available from the TNT megahub.


Oooh this is lovely! Thank you so much!


My black/grey planet will be around for a while too Carral 2

No proper format on the forum post for it tho :sweat_smile:


Arajiel III, my Creative World, is currently fuelled until February 2021, and will certainly be expanded further later.
There’s a portal at the Raxxian Sanctuary Portal Hub {2,244N; 683E; 66A}.

Send me a message here on the forum if you want me to set-up a creative bridge from my world to your place on survival. Already did one with DKPuncherello at DKMall, near the Tardis, I hear.
If you wanna join us (3km world, so it’s a very limited offer)


If you like lava and mountains I have a small creative world named Thascoria. It’s around for over a year currently. The colors aren’t set in stone yet, I was just playing around with the world controller a bit. Can be found from my base currently but I will be adding a portal to the Shatee hub tomorrow night.

TNT Delta Cancret --> Shatee (left when entering D.C. from TNT megahub)

There is only one portal at the Shatee hub that leads to my WIP base - the creative portal is on one of the inner corners not too far from the temporary entrance portal.