Are those animations already in the game?

I just started today and I saw this link. Are these emotes already put in the game. if so, how do you trigger them? " /yes " ?

Hello there - no they aren’t just yet, watch this space for the future :boundless: releases.


Apparently, they’re still in development, so no, they’re not in-game yet. The devs are working on a big update of porting the game’s core code from JavaScript to C++…here’s the post for that:

Following the release of that, the more content-oriented updates will start to be released, which will most likely include these animations. The C++ update seems like it’s a buffer for content, so once it’s done, a lot more actual gameplay stuff will start coming out :smile:

thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: I can’t wait!


Just to personally let you know I’ve posted some news regarding this topic! :smiley:

Keep tuned for the future releases and development progress - we’re getting there. :gift:


Looks like some sort of dark cult. All looking alike, meeting in the dark, making the same motion. @Illuminoorti, is this your doing?


I came back to my build that day and got scared as day turned to night!
Lol - it was like a tribal moon ritual! :laughing:

(I had to capture this phenomenon…)


Added this night version to the collection :wink:

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