Question Appeal - Community questions for the next devlog update - WIKI post

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Make sure to share questions… and I’ll answer them as best I can.

They can be questions about the game, the development / community process, Sony, everything.

Actually - I’ve made this a Wiki post feel free to add questions directly here:



  1. What is your current vision of the final game ? (tiers were discarded … what’s next ?)
  2. Automation ?
    1. will there be automation ? (ships, aircrafts …)
    2. You gave us a first look at “machine concepts”, if we make special combinations of them do they interact automatically with each other and can I define different material results with that? Like in a little automated manufacturing street? (original question)
  3. Fighting ?
  4. Will we get abillites/spells?
    4. If yes, how are we going to activate them?
  5. will it be skill based or item based ?
  6. are fight’s based on team tactic or “individual” actions (eg. max dps output) ?
  7. how will the combat system work ?
    1. Will the combat system involve CC?
  8. Will there be Beacon sieging or Guild vs. Guild ?
  9. Do we get Guilds or Clans ?
  10. if Yes, how do they work ? (benefits e.g.)
  11. if yes, will we be able to create a symbol/icon to establish players and towns.
  12. if yes, will guilds be able to raid/attack other guilds.
  13. if No, how do we team up for something ?
  14. How exactly do you cooperate with Sony ?
  15. Do you plan PvP ? (i saw some requests for that)
  16. Fun PvP or “real” PvP ?
  17. if real PvP will there be tournaments (ESL) ?
  18. Will PvP be available on “special” worlds or special areas only or on all worlds and all areas ?
  19. What is the current “version” of the game within your vision of the final game ? (is it 0.1 or 0.5 ?!)
  20. Do you plan a regular “Dev Talk” ?
  21. how do powercores work and how they interact with the environment
  22. can we buy artwork of the game ?
  23. do you plan a player driven legal system or do we need to report everyone to the devs ?
  24. do you plan professions (blacksmith, hunter, gatherer eg.) like other MMO’s or do we need to define our role in the game our self ?
  25. will there be “loot control” (eg. in GW2 everybody gets something vs. WoW rare items are “distributed as needed”/Greed) or is it first come, first pick (which is horrible for the teamplay) ?
  26. will there be “guild beacons” eg. for town founding ?
  27. Do you already have an approximate idea of how much a rented world will cost per month?
  28. What features can we expect for Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 of 2016?
  29. Request: can you show us a simplified roadmap ?
  30. which kind of monsters we will definitely see else? any other concepts know yet except the introduced arts? How big will they be,how do we handle them, what are they able to do?
  31. will there be only 1 kind of monster per type per world (eg. only 1 ranger kind on 1 world) or will there be different kinds of monsters per kind per world ? (we have more than 1 “bird” on planet earth)
  32. will you stay with cloudfront servers forever? If not, when do you plan to rent own servers and test them?
  33. How much of the content will be exclusive to groups?
  34. what is the maximum group/team size ?
  35. what is the maximum numbers of players in an area ? (is there a cap or can we have cities with 1k inhabitants?)
  36. most MMOs have monthly fees - how do you finance B< once it is beyond 1.0 ?
  37. will there be monthly fees for “normal” players (not privat servers) ?
    3. if yes - how high might they be ?
  38. is it pay once play forever ?
  39. do you plan a DLC or season politic ?
  40. do you plan different races ?
  41. if yes:
    3. what are the current races you plan ?
    3. how do they differ from eachother ?
    3. will they have special skill sets ?
  42. if no:
    3. will they come after 1.0 or did you drop the complete idea ?
  43. Will creature names change to a more Oortian equivalent to keep in theme with the game?
  44. If they will change, do you already have some names in mind (beyond the development names they have been given)?
  45. What´s your plan for the death penalty? (especially in regards to currency (Discussion ))
  46. What´s the maximal size of a world going to be?
  47. What will happen to beacons of players that havn´t played for an extended amount of time?
  48. Will we have starvation or other survival mechanics in the game?
  49. When we get a chest or something with the same function, the first mention and art work was 1 year. (container / Plinth and Container Props)
  50. when there will be character names?
  51. When we get more plots / beacon space ?
  52. Do you plan to expand the doors to a n×n mechanic instead of the 1×n /n×1 we have at the moment? What would be the challenges or why wouldn’t you do it (yet?)?
  53. Are there any plans to hire a community manager as the game grows more (especially after the explosive forum growth that is sure to come after PS4 launch)?
  54. Will we have one or several character slots per account?
  55. Any plans for an ARM build for Linux?
  56. What is the Central Guild ?
    2. Who decides who is “prominent” / “important” ?
    2. What is the over all game function of the CG ?
    2. How can you (as an other guild) challange the CG ?
    2. What are the projects the CG can support with taxes ?
    3. Are smaller guilds able to rais taxes too (like local taxes) ?
    3. Are amaller guilds able to support “smaller” projects ?
  57. Do you plan in-game voice-chat (for groups or guilds) ?
  58. Are airships still planned and what´s going to be their purpose?


  1. Do you plan to update the AI ? (At the moment it is pretty stupid … you can walk around a splitter and nuke him down with a hammer) Answer here
  2. Do you plan regular updates or releases if we come closer to 1.0 ? Answer here
  3. If so, how frequent do you think updates will be and will they be released to fixed times (within reason)? Answer here
  4. About how long do you think will it take to implement the new worlds and kill the infinite mode? Answer here
  5. How soon do you envisage it will be that the new blocks will ‘out-grow’ the current server builds. Basically how long until we need new worlds to play on? Answer here
  6. when will the first server wipe be ? (some time ago i read the migration will be over time, not all servers at the same time) Answer here
  7. when can we expect the first new worlds ? Answer here
  8. What is the future plans for the worldbuilder? Answer here
  9. How is the idea with making biomes consist of sub biomes coming along? Answer here
  10. How many guys are you in total at the dev’s team (currently/soon)? Answer here & here
  11. Are Private Servers still planned ? More Question over Privat Server look here | For some Answers look here
  12. How does the economy work ?
    2. Is is currency player driven (collect items -> sell for money -> buy other items) or trade driven (item <-> item) ? Answer here
    2. Will there be an action house ? Answer here
    2. where do we get money / items / recipes if there are no NPCs or quest giver ? Answer here
  13. Crafting ? Answers here
    3. How do we craft Items - how does the process works (please not like GW2) ?
    3. What Stats will they have ?
    3. Do they have a durability ? do we need to repair our equipment ?
    3. How can Items be combined ? (Long ago you shared a nice crafting graph … any information ?)
  14. How do you imagine the end game content ? incomplete answer here
  15. Quests ? (we don’t have NPC’s o.O)
  16. treasure Hunt ?
  17. Titan slaying ?
  18. How difficult are titans going to be?
  19. Will Titan slaying be the main goal in terms of end game content?
  20. Building ?
  21. other long time motivations like “success / achievement system with rewards?”
  22. living story ?
  23. Building ? Answer here
    1. I’m sure we’ll lose infinite mode … how does the world “react”/look like if we need massive amounts of material ?
    2. How fast / in which areas will world regeneration work ? [Answer here]
    3. is a farm a realistic idea? animal reproduction for food / harvesting of different fruits / vegetables / spices?
  24. What is the RPG aspect of B < in your current vision ? Answer here
  25. Will the character progression be open-ended or will we have a level-cap?
  26. How is the character customization in regards of gameplay going to be (skilltree, perks)?
  27. do you plan different classes (mage, warrior …) ?

will i be able to enjoy the full game even though i choose to be a strange hermit type of guy? What i mean is do i need to group with a bunch of people to get certain items/drops?


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Would someone mind to elaborate to me what “fun” and “real” PvP is? :smile:

We were talking about it it one of the posts, cant remember if it was james or ben who mentioned it, said that pvp was too hard to balance around so they would like ideas of some sort of “fun” pvp since they wanted to focus on the pve aspects. I’m going to look for it but you can see if you can find it too.

Fun pvp is the ability to attack a player in any way.
Real pvp sounds much like e-sport comparable competition with much of balancing requirements.

So it´s basically just “How balanced will the PvP be?”?

more like how “Evil” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah thats real pvp, Fun PVP is like Huttball from SWTOR

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There we go

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@james: Do you have any ideas when we get the first responds on our questions ?


It’s on my todo list… not forgotten.


@james how long does we must wait for the beacon survey ? Did you forget the survey ?

addet some question

It’s in the hands of @olliepurkiss and should be coming soon. It’s not forgotten.