Art: Machine collage first look concept

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After being briefly harassed by @james, I have now uploaded the mash up of how the machine parts might look together.
This is PURELY an aesthetic exploration as many of the machine parts used to make up the groups are randomly picked. The parts that will make up the ‘proper’ machine set will be specific.

Mostly, we’re just looking at how well certain shapes will work together to create something appealing and recognizable from afar.

Most I can say is that machine parts will consist of 4 unique blocks.


**EDIT: New prevs here:

Slimming down machine sets and picking good shapes

Starting to finalize - unifying colour and touching up older designs.

And now seeing it all lined up like this makes it look awesome.

And finally, starting to narrow down on the concept. Removed much of the additional glowing lines that made the design too ‘sci-fi-y’.


really a big fan of your styles :slight_smile:
4 looks most interesting to me : )

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I’m really liking 6 and 7

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Hmmm this would make the octagonal shape somewhat less desirable.

Beautiful, just beautiful

Agreed! (For that power core right?)

Yeah, I was always think of the setups as 2D i need to rethink what machinery i like best now :smiley:

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@ben Does the functionality stack? forexample a purely hypothetical example would be refining, if we say that thare is a “Refining” station which gives an item +1 in some stat, would you have to craft 10 refining sttations on a line to achieve +10 on a stat? it would be excessive i agree but still kinda cool, one thing i hope will be the case will be limitations on some sense so you might need 3 machines of the same type if you want to do something bick.

Looks really good together but the wooden workbenches kinda don´t fit together with the futuristic rest imo.

If this was possible i would say that it should have diminishing returns. So maybe adding 1 extra rifenery would make it give +1.5 and adding 2 more to that would give +2


I am really liking the way this is looking. I like the way a lot of the stuff looks like the belong together and some just look good grouped together.

I was actually thinking of posting something on Multi-block structures. Having certain machines and storage units together allowing greater interaction through UIs, expanding functionality, addition crafting options and such.

@ben would love to here some thoughts on functions.

Unless it was stacked vertically I guess, but that would be the only time it would fit in :frowning:

Loving the look of all of these - it’s really starting to come together now - getting excited to see how they all work in game :smiley:

alright im asking @ben is this all the machinges and blocks that will be added. im asking because idk what this part really means[quote=“Minyi, post:1, topic:3633”]
This is PURELY an aesthetic exploration as many of the machine parts used to make up the groups are randomly picked. The parts that will make up the ‘proper’ machine set will be specific.

Just means that for the purpose of this image, the machine parts were randomly picked from those previously produced.

It doesn’t mean that these are the only ones that will be used and that this is how they will all look in game.



Mostly they are saying this is just an aesthetic exploration. Not a representation of final combinations or anything.

awsome work, well I like 2, 3 and 7. would like to know how would they work if we do have to put some parts in some order to get something cool

Alright thanks

i really love 6

Although I really love them all, I think they would look a lot better if they kind of went better together. But they are still awesome! :joy: