Art: Machine collage first look concept

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2 and 9 are my favorites!

Hope that we can connect them with pipes to make rooms with special purposes all connected to a core … Best would be if this pipes would also work in all three dimensions. Tower of High Sorcery I come!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And an update!


OMG I can’t like the post a second time! These are looking fantastic - very very cool indeed!

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I really like 2, 4, and 8… and 5 is up there too!

By the way, if I make special combinations do they interact automatically with each other and can I define different material results with that? Like in a little automated manufacturing street?

I think of a mixer who creates liquid mass and if i put an oven behind a get a hard plastic block or something?
Could be interesting to find out all different combinations and results.

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really cool, good work :slight_smile: hope they will look like this in the final game :slight_smile:

I’ll add this to the QA / FAQ wiki for @james


like it a lot

very nice new pictures, good work @Minyi


This game is going to be the best once Its finished.

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Updated! This should be one of the last of machines for now from me! (For now…)


I think on some you removed a bit too many lines but, although I really like the sci-fi look the had, I agree that without them it looks much more boundlessy.

I have a question, do you guys foresee making a type of quarry machine or some automated digger/distributor machine?

They all look awesome! I see that a group of 4 components make up a named machine, but do all the individual machine parts have official names yet?

almost every macine and workbench i liked is there

like them all a lot

I hope not.

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why not? Quarry machines help mine faster so you can build more things.

Yea, but they also make a healthy economy practically impossible.


In every modded server I have run in minecraft i have either turned quarries off or increased the power consumption hundredfold, cause they wreck the progression and destroy the economy.

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