Are you going to wipe anytime soon due to *new amazing news and updates*?

I ask this because after all these plots we have which no one uses at all which are a few months to a few years old… PLUS all those plots which are 100% devoid of anything but nature (as if people are holding them just to stop others using the area)

We deff need a huge wipe @james



i know… but as i said i am talking about the lets steal the land so no one else can build here, even though we will never build here and can afford $100 a month to keep fuled indefinately just to stop other peoiple building here…

That is what i am on about that should be wiped… not the entire game … that would need an extennsion to the public universe… (because… if they were to wipe the entire game… everyone would leave… i get it… but as i say… LAND TROLLS should get wiped

tell me i am wrong with this and explain why… if you are trying to defend those Land Trolls - i am honestly prepared to hear you debate this,

If people pay a hundred bucks a month to keep it active, the biggest question is who gets to decide what’s a ‘troll’ and what isn’t?

I keep an eye on the forum from time to time, but I swear I keep hearing this repeatedly.

If someone put the time (or well, a lot of money) into the game to actually have that many plots and manually put them all down…I think there’d be easy ways to spot that kind of actions.

Could there be a sort of ‘check’ to the billing email, to be all “hey, are you still interested in this?” after maybe years of inactivity and stuff? Maybe, but people lose email adresses a lot, and would probably be pretty upset to lose something if it was held for a reason.

Again, I doubt there’s a perfect system, but assuming people are malicious with their intents definitely isn’t the way.

Hell, I know I do a bunch of stupid ■■■■ that’s 100% because I’m negligent, and not at all intend to be disruptive in any way. Forgetfulness, or procrastination, are both very easy explanations that aren’t inherently evil.

Note; I already lost most of my stuff because my beacons expired, due to me mixing up times wrong. I’m personally just waiting to see if I want to start rebuilding what I’d lost, as I know a bunch of it would take time to merely place down.


the point is with this… (Which i do understand by the way)… not all of them are LTs… i get it… and agree… maybe some ahve died… moved… forgot their emails… etc… i get it…

But even then, no you cannot tell if its deliberate or not… but if someone went through the time and effort to make 100 or so plots… why do they not do anything after months/a few years? why not get rid of them because its clear they will never be used (regardless if troll or not)

This is my point - otherwise extend the public unverse

i will also be more than happy to rent a few sov’s when i can afford to… but the issue still remains in the public universe

Why? There are 50 huge planets with ample plots available for even the largest whales. There may be a want by some, but there is no “need” currently.


that is actually a well said point to be fair :slight_smile:

Its just when many people see plot after plot after plot and have to literally walk for an hour or so and jump a few planets just to find an amazing plot… just to see… oh… here we need to walk and warp for another 45 mins… i give up with this game! many people have that attitude now (i don’t know numbers or % but a LOT complain about it even today, not just me

There has been a lot of discussion around this lately. If there was just a wipe or a new planet, the same issue would repeat itself. Something new or different would need to be done. One solution would be to limit players’ # of plots on (new) starter planets. There have been several other solutions suggested too. I’m not sure what the right solution is, but it would be difficult to apply such large changes on top of existing systems without upsetting a lot of players. There were no rules saying we had to complete a tower on our plots within X time and that parks/forests were frowned upon. Therefore, ripping up plots with underground mines/builds or nature type areas wouldn’t be fair imo.


i know… but i for one have actually explored some of these plots (a few months ago) to actually make sure my source is correct… some plots which appear 100% empty are 100% empty, you can tell it is original nature… and there is no entrence to mines or anything any where on many of those plots (the ones i have checked out)

and i know it cant be done due to Monetary payments now… but back in the day if the devs felt that someone was taking the ■■■■ or Land Trolling, the devs would come down from their cloud and code those beacons out

Not to be the A**** :grin:
But from release it was pretty clear plot what you can…
So as long as this person isn’t breaking the rules.
The place is taken….

I would consider “trolling” or “malicious intent” more when you see “new comers” (old and new players) arrive at a established settlement and claim terrain, build up to 10k prestige, turn on plot protection and never show them selfs again.

That said,
It can simply be the case of terrain plotted as a possible new building location followed by completely forgotten plots…. Have had that several times in these past years… (yes they where big chunks of terrain to 1-2k plots if not more in some cases).

Best way to work with it is to try and find said person.
To see if they are willing to give up the spot.
Which can be a pain i know :wink: but maybe someone knows who that is and can get you in touch with this person outside the game or ingame (via mail box at the very least).


people are not using there plots cause they waiting for the wipe


They still make those decisions, at their discretion, as before. Some players pre-plot an area while they are designing it on their server, in Magivoxel, or some other program. There is no time requirement to build or what you have to build. Trolling is looked at on a case x case basis.


As @majorvex said, there has been a LOT of discussion about this very recently. If you haven’t seen them, you should check out these threads:

To wipe or not to wipe

Around the 150 post mark on this thread: Boundless now self published on Steam


No wipe, I’ll be going private universe at that point.


If everything goes poof in public im gone for sure…. As it was said this would never happen from the start….
And im sure I won’t be the only one.


Wipe the wipe threads


Another idea here could be a starter/tutorial planet where you can only place campfires, but that would also require some reworking of the way the starter quests work (not that that would be the worst thing in the world either). Could have it that the warp totem quest teaches you how to leave to get to wherever you want to put your beacon down.


Honestly the wipe would literally kill the player’s population and I would seriously not play any more at that point :neutral_face:


Agree on this one. For old players (backers like me) who has been here from the start before a lot of things have changed, the grind has become worst than previous. I love the game. I have put so much effort, builds, mining and doing services for others since the start, but if the wipe happens, I think my time is done on boundless.


people who just want huge inactive plotted areas to be removed - please stop calling it a wipe;
you are only confusing others