Armor and resistance, what do they do

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I’ve been having trouble going to T4+ planets to fight monsters since they kill me so fast, especially cuttletrunks. So I made some observations about how armor and resistance affects the damage taken to learn how to combat this. Please say something if this is incorrect, my testing isn’t as comprehensive as it could be so correct me if this is wrong.

A monster hits you for kinetic damage. First we subtract the kinetic armor value from it to get the actual damage the hit will do to you. If it’s 0 it’s armor repelled. If it’s >0 we roll a dice and depending on your resist chance the damage will either be negated, or be applied to you.

Observations on the attacks patterns of 3 random wild cuttletrunks:

A wild Stout Cuttletrunk on a T4 world
Blue health bar - Basic attack
Green health bar - Basic attack
80% HP - Bomb and basic attack
60% HP - Arching blue and homing, bomb and basic attack
If it was spawned from a meteor portal it has all attacks available from the get go? Couldn’t test this because they killed me even with all armor skills in no time :smiley:

Observations on how armor and resistance skills affect the damage taken:
The numbers mean kinetic armor, resistance, impulse armor, resistance, armor epic
5 5 5 5 E = 0 damage
5 0 5 0 E = 0 damage
3 0 5 0 E = Homing blue attacks start doing damage
3 5 5 0 E = Homing blue attacks still do damage, but less often
2 0 5 0 E = Base and arching blue attacks start doing damage
5 0 3 0 E = Bombs start doing damage
5 0 3 5 E = Bombs still do damage, but less often

Your maximum health (and thus the color of your health bar) has no effect on the damage taken. If somebody can explain why the health bar changes color to blue when you take some vitality that’d be great. Also the cuttletrunk blue homing attack is kinetic, not impulse even though it’s an explosion. This is something that threw me off.

Resistance skills give you a flat change to resist damage from an attack. With the epic and 5 points it’s 50% chance to resist the damage and negate it.

So to survive a T4+ world armor skills aren’t going to be as useful as before since you can’t negate all the damage taken anymore. Even with full armor skills and the epic, a mob that does over 450 damage per hit will go through your armor and some of them the possible resists too. And there’s lots of attacks that do this, wildstock charges, strong+ cuttletrunks (even lvl 1 meteors start spawning cuttletrunks all the way up to elite).

You need a large health pool and keep it filled to survive higher tiers. Armor will still help you, it shaves off some of the dps so you don’t have to heal as much, but you aren’t invincible anymore.

Can more experienced hunters explain what’s their strategy with skills, consumables and fighting style to survive high tier meteors?

I wish I could say I was an expert hunter. I do have a tank hunter build. I just prefer not to hunt. But as for the health changing color I think it might be just like the blocks you mine on higher tier planets. Life is blue than goes green. Almost like a shield instead of health. I could be completely wrong tho and maybe it’s just to save room of adding more bars.

But as for my build I have max armor/resistance skills plus the epic(s). And max health. With no food I can survive a direct hit from the top rams. With a pie I can survive 2 hits. Unless of course I hit a tree or rock than the first one is pretty much insta death.

Seems to be true that the health bar color is to just indicate higher amounts of max health. One green section is 500 health, one blue is 2500. I always thought blue health means armor or something since mobs with it take so much longer to kill, but yeah it’s just a lot more health than a green bar.

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