Armor Appearance

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Was looking through some concept art that @Minyi and others have made. I really enjoy them, and can’t wait until I see some more stuff implemented over time.

In the mean time I was inspired to make some “armor”. So I quickly made some in Gimp. (I’m not an expert, so it looks kind of rough and lacking lol)

I used the armor wings minyi made in another concept and added shiny effect to them. I also used another part of one her armor concepts to put on my char’s head lol

I have other ideas so I will add more stuff to this thread over time


I see pants! lol

Nice armor set :+1::star_struck:

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Yes pants XD

Thank you! :smile:

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I shall dub thee “Sparkles.” I do like the design.


I do like some shine lol
Thank you :grin:

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Very nice! :smiley:

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