🎨 [COMPETITION] Get Your Body Paint Featured in Boundless!

would you guess this pattern is from in-game umbris texture files?


I would not

I agree @Goblinounours, I really just want clothes… but that is why I currently have body paint anyway. Hoping to get something that fits the theme of my creative world for screenshot purposes :man_shrugging:.

some of the elemental cuttletrunk patterns:


You guys do realize this is a competition for new body paints right?

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Made this last year, haven’t had time to try and make body paints but here’s my contribution xD
Btw there are some pretty cool ideas :smiley:



Quick one put together, calling it Hunters Flow. Brighter colors to make it more fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I’m done. I should stop messing with it before I mess it up.


It makes sense that it is a file that you put in and the game recognizes it.

How do you save it (file type) and to where in the game files ? O_o I would love to put something together and test it in the game like you all are doing.

i use gimp 2.10.20 that you can download for free (open source super paint)
you need to export the finished files in .dds (not save as, export, took me a bit to figure out)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\characters\base_race\textures is where i replace the original files with the modified ones


@Tagris the more direct way is doing what @Lesioui is doing.

Personally, I use Illustrator to design everything. Only deviation from my process here is that I’m using Photoshop with a plug in to export to a .dds file.

I do test drive it with Blender along the way to make sure it’s mostly working.

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I put my gangsta and skeleton paint together and it kinda reminded me of sugar skulls. So I guess this is a sugar skeleton…?:man_shrugging:

Then I saw @Buugi post. And thought YOLO!

Because you’re so generous with your cookies. @BabyCookie


I feel like there’s too much going on with that. Maybe dialback the gangsta paint a lil.

Oh yeah. It’s way too much going on. But still looks kinda cool. I’m keeping the gangsta and skeleton separate as well. I’ve got a couple other fun ones I’m going to try.



That is so awesome! Thanks for making that! That needs to be a in-game body paint!


(O.O) ,D: :cookie: s Mmmmmmm

Super Hero Time


Wonder Woman

Green Lantern


Iron Man






Might be wrong, but I would imagine that Wonderstruck could potentially get in trouble if their game-characters were discovered to be naked.

Same as how in WoW, your toon has to have underwears, and they don’t allow you to hide your pants, while they allow you to hide everything else. There’s some kind of ruleset about these things.

Some parents would likely get mad at the devs if their kids play a game where they saw that characters who seemingly have human-like junks can remove their underwears. The pictures of bodypaints you posted was flagged for more than the reason you thought. One of them was that it suggested too much.

@Jaidic Might be wrong there, but I would imagine the devs would get into trouble if they published a skin like that in the exchange without the consent of the owners of the heroes. XD

It is fun making these, i know these wont get picked, but me or anyone who wants them can install and run around looking however they want. I can edit local files to look however I want, even M+ rating :stuck_out_tongue: just dont have to share it

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