🎨 [COMPETITION] Get Your Body Paint Featured in Boundless!

Inspired by @georgegroeg’s Reaper’s Body Paint - we thought it’s time that we held a competition!

We want to see your dream Body Paint ideas! By entering you will have the chance to have your dream Body Paint added to the Exchange for all to wear!

How do you enter?

We wanted to make this as accessible to as many people as possible, so there are many ways to enter. You can concept the design out by hand and submit a picture of it, you can use an image of a citizen and digitally design it on top of the image, there’s also the option of using .dds files and using the UV Layout below. The only limit is your imagination! Please feel free to use the assets below to help with your creations!

Submit your entries to this thread and you can enter multiple times if you have lots of ideas. :grin:

The closing date to get your entries submitted is 2020-08-31T08:00:00Z and the winning designs will be chosen by the Wonderstruck Dev team. @jesshyland will then create the design so it’s game-ready!

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck all!

Blank Citizen

Blank Female Citizen

Our Example

UV Map

Important T&C’s

So that we can legally include the design in the game, all submissions must agree to the T&C’s of Creative Commons Licence, CC BY 4.0. This means we reserve the right to remix, transform, and build upon the material submitted for any purpose, including commercially.

The link to the full legal T&C’s based upon Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


The prize is having your Body Paint available in the Exchange, the Body Paint will be named after you/ or if preferred we can add your information into the description of the paint and, you will also receive the body paint to use on your chosen Character. This prize is not exchangeable and has no monetary value. Winning also does not allow access to any portion of sales made from the winning design.


This is awesome! @georgegroeg Finally! :wink:


This is an amazing idea.


This is fantastic. I’ll definitely be making some designs.

Someone should make a robot / cyborg / cybernetic implants skin. I lack the talent.

I hope that more than one can be included (especially ones where the DDS is already made)


:scream: does this mean my skeleton body paint is going to make it in game for everyone? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: :heart:


This is cool :grin:

We are open to adding more than one body paint so there will probably be more than one winner :blush:


Maybe… :eyes:

The judging will be done the majority of the team :grin:

Important to note that there may be more than one winner!


Do we have to overlay the design on your provided uv-map or can we submit art as a whole and if so, what is the resolution of your uv-map? I would be interested in converting some of my own artwork into a skin, but from an art standpoint, I need more information.

LOVE IT! i will get some designs done!

when is the closing?


You don’t have to overlay it onto the UV-map and you can submit it as a whole!

I would need to check with Jess about the resolution so please bare with me and I’ll grab that information ASAP for you :blush:

Looking forward to seeing them :grin:

The closing date is 2020-08-31T08:00:00Z


awesome thank you, hopefully i got enough time,since i’m really busy in real life currently

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The image you provided as 1024x1024, and if I’m going to create an image, I would prefer to render it at the right resolution so you don’t have to deal with scaling issues. That being said, some uv-maps lend themselves to a higher res image which you can then down-scale and wrap. It’s all up to you guys really. My art page is http://monkeyshack.deviantart.com if you’re interested.


Jess shared the UV map above originally in this thread - Body paint so I believe 1024 x 1024 is the correct resolution

Your art is awesome! Looking forward to seeing your entry!

The texture size is 1024x1024 though on the in game model itself I think the texture gets downsized a lot, to around 256x256 ish pixels. So keep that in mind when designing the tattoos. The simpler the better.


@Leahlemoncakes What a great idea more Skins ! Thanks to @georgegroeg for being the first to launch this concept. I wouldn’t be surprised if his skin was released for halloween. Halloween rdv for the launch at Reapers base for a huge dance party?? Maybe the Dev’s can create a new emot /Dance ?


A huge dance party would be cool! :dancer:


I’ll have to add a lower level to the aqua lounge with a dance floor.