Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


The scruffy feline adjustment makes the feline race 10x cooler! Now I’m torn between it and the canine race!


My favorites is: 2, 12, 14, 16

Why I think, that 12 and 16 I saw somewhere? They looks as my old forgotten friends of my childhood. ;D

But I really wanted see a neat lizard :frowning: , but since I don’t see it, I choosed 16… I hoped see something like from yooka laylee (maybe? Something like from this, but don’t chameleon) P.S. Recently I discovered this game and can’t wait :smiley:

New customisation options perfect! I like tail for cats (finally!)

Thank you!


I really love the cat and wolf races, also the bird ones, others I feel like they are very strange.

By the other way when are they going to be available also the charcter creator


its just like falco, make think in him xD


B< Falco for smash!


2 and 22. Give them to me!!!


OMG !!! Do I see a Dragonfly??? :scream::smile::raised_hands: WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!


I need this one (in a girl form, please?) The devs are awesome!! :smiley:


Huge fan of the otherwordly ones! Pretty sure my favorite is:


Wow! These are absolutely excellent!!

My faves in no particular order would be 2, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20, 21 and 22.

I can see a few of these might be easier than others to add customisation and variation to as well.


2 11 and 12 are my favorites but i like them all.


My favourite is number 4


does this mean that this will be all we can do in the character customization? no different colors or sizes?


Well, colors are shown in the example, and there are currently 5-6 color options in game, so I imagine there will also be colors available. Also, sizes were mentioned sometime back, bit that’s debatable if it’s still an option.


hope so, otherwise it would be too limited for me :smile:


You will able to change faces, head pieces (appendages), base colour and decals/patterns :slight_smile:


She is coming soon… :wink:


lovin 3,4,21 and in general all of them. Cant wait to see what you do with them. And just from there appearance you can kind of tell their role in the game. The smaller weaker looking ones like 20 28 16 or 12 look like they’ll be mages, while ones like 6 look like up front fighters. Nice job


I´m afraid to tell you that the designers decided that each race will play 100% identical.


I’m happy you like it and l like your thinking :smiley:


Which allows players to choose their own characters and their own setups. If @DemonDrake wants to make a mage-like character from a particular race he can, but if someone else wants to use a similar look to be a nimble explorer then they can. The possibilities are BOUNDLESS!