Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


I know the intentions of your decision, I´ve read your thread about it and while I like this intention (allowing every race to have equal proficiency in every aspect of the game) I´d still love to see some somewhat “neutral” differences between the races.

(Slightly) Increased stats during the nighttime.

(Slightly) Increased stats during the daytime

(Slightly) Reduced death-penalty.

(Slightly) Increased stats while near other players.

I´m sure you could come up with better ideas.

It´s just a common feature in RPGs and many people expect something like racial differences when they enter a game (as seen above).


I agree with @Vastar, but I guess thats no longer relevant :confused: That being said, since all races will be identical in abilities and stats, is there any plan in the future to release a sort of citizen creator to upload truly custom made citizens? I know I often advocate against emulating MC in boundless, but I think the ability to make custom made skins in MC is a big draw to that game. It would be awesome to do something similar with boundless citizens to make them truly your own.


That’s a dangerous proposition in a MMO, unless there’s some sort of review/approval process for custom skins


That’s true and I’m well aware of the potential risk, but in this case a simple “flag this players skin for review” function would be sufficient, and the potential reward may far exceeds the risk.


I’m not sure I like the idea of people being able to create their own skins to be honest. I don’t think it would really fit well if people were able to walk around in a tuxedo for example. It was also easier to accomplish skins in MC as you just wrap a low-res texture around a few fixed shape blocks.

For me personally, I’d prefer to enjoy the game by seeing other players with the originally designed skins, which will make the game more immersive overall and less ‘gimmicky’. From what we’ve heard, there should be enough variation in wearables with tinting and styles to make sure everyone is fairly unique (although probably not so much at the start!). If we’re able to tint our initial character skin colour in the same way (unconfirmed), it’ll give a additional amount of uniqueness from the outset.


Personally, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing real money purchasable skins which could give you a new variation for a particular race. They wouldn’t be game breaking, and this could potentially mean an additional revenue stream that could be added to over time, which will broaden the variety of skins throughout the lifetime of the game.


Every time this is suggested, part of the community contorts itself into a pretzel in pure outrage. I 100% agree with you, though.


Ditto that; purchasable skins seems like a great way to help support the game


I agree, but there are two situations where I wouldn’t like this system:

  1. There aren’t enough skins you can get without real currency
  2. Getting skins without currency takes too long (Obviously with scaling, depending on how good a skin is)

It’s a fair model, but I hope that the money will be put to good use. I mean why bother just getting $1 when people will gladly pay $10? I think greed might be destructive.


Well nothing is set in stone yet, there is still a chance that the devs change their mind and decide to add racial differences.

I would also not mind additionally purchasable skins (Anything is better than “mystery loot chests” and Premium status/items.) if they don´t look significantly better than the “standard” ones and as long as this doesn’t happen:

The devs could only charge extra for the newest 1-2 skin-variations for each race and make any older skin-variations available with the base game. This would prevent players that buy the game one year after release from logging in and seeing 5 available skins and 15 microtransaction skins.


Damn amazing! All I see through the forums is amazing now… you guys are really living way up for the task. My favorite ones are 19, 18, 12, 5 and 20. But What I would choose is 19


Awesome. All of them. But favs are 2,4,5,8,14,16,20,21, with several honourable mentions, and a few I’d never choose but seem to be others favs. Nice work.


My favourite would be 21!

All these are great too: 1, 2, 6, 9, 14, 21, 22.


People seem to be very much in favor of the more obvious anthropomorphic animals.


Nice job! You guys are really working hard with this stuff!


Love them all! Really nice designs, well done!
6,16,21 are probs my favs I would say. But all are beautiful. :grin::+1:


fashion is endgame. the more the merrier.

i like 4 12 15 and 20


Wolfrace for life!


i liked many of them. funny someone comments here, as i was just thinking about this thread/topic yesterday.

Im really excited to see some of these in game


Im still praying to see this live!


I agree that completely free customisation could be a bad idea. Deva have clear idea how their world looks like and the lore and looks of things with repeatable patterns in land and creature features etc. It’s better I believe to set boundaries rather than allow players to create chaotic motley bunch of itizens. It would end up looking just bad.