Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


I really like #7 and would be very upset if it is never implemented.


I agree about 7 while I also like 11 and 20.


If these don’t make it ill pay for them by means of micro-transactions lol,…but seriously


but really anymore news on these or which ones made the cut?


Nope, nothing about them has been made public. Maybe it is being kept in their pocket as a surprise? Maybe they will be released periodically post launch as free dlc? I can only speculate.


awesome, I know its an old topic but maybe some others haven’t seen this


Will player race just be a cosmetic thing or have small befeits too? Like oh yeah felines can see better in the dark. Or bird yeah bird people can learn the glide skill or take less fall damage?


I disagree. Yes there are repeating patterns and creatures. But they look a little different in each world. Maybe it’s because I enjoy space operas and high fantasy settings, but I feel the more chaotic and varied the better


That possibility was mentioned at some point :slight_smile:


honestly even tho I’m already a level 7 backer id still pay (micro-transaction form) for some character models if need be


These are absolutely redicoulusly awesome!!!:heart_eyes: Now if only there could be this many choosable playable characters in 1.0 each with their own special ability…I would take out a second mortgage to buy 100 more copies of the game just to have them all. :sunglasses:


No. 10 must be related to the TMNT’s. An old distant relative.


Don was always my favorite lol.

And I’d also pay extra to get more character/races!!


Glad to hear I’m your favorite… :wink:


There’s a lot of names I don’t recognise in this thread, BUT, I’d really like to know if the devs any further information about races yet?

Pretty please? :smiley:


Sorry if I need to disappoint you … None of them will join the game (yes - I’m a Debbie Downer at this point)


Sad times :frowning:


I would already be happy with customization for cat people! :smile:


I think character customisation will be coming with the new sanctum and a more in-depth introduction to the game


it would be great if the races get bornskills and a must :grin:

bornskill examples
higher reach due to size
natural born miner
warriors bow
warriors lance
natural compass
artist race chiseling skills
furniture maker race lolz
race of the lights gleam specialisation
race off the trees grappling skills

this will create more racethemed citys and trade shops too