Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


I’m home. :rofl:

But I’m afraid that race skills lead to ppl choosing their appearance based on skills and not on their personal preference. Which should imho not be the case.


but if ya want you can be the big race dude thats good in chiseling you get famous :slight_smile: walking amongst the artist race hahaha


my absolute favorites are number 21 and 2


I like a lot of these, but 23 may be my favorite.

Why are all of these art posts a year and a half old? Are the Devs still doing these?


Wow! I really like 5, 11, 15, 18 and 19!

This woudl be neat if it were implemented O_O


I think the term ‘eyes bigger than the belly’ comes to mind for the race option thing, sadly :frowning: as much as I’d love to see some visual race/specie options.


Eyes bigger than the belly :joy:


It would be nice to have more variety in character models, so players could be more distinguishable. are these still in the works?

Will there be a way to tell a characters level too? Like an armband with level on it? Number on the middle of forehead? Level shown by length of horns? Ears? Cape?

Any of these in works?


WHISPERS (we need some female concepts too) or non gender or dual gender, etc. etc. don’t wanna ruffle feathers again and incite a gender battle :flushed:


hmmm cheesetail :smile:

nice drawing hope he makes the cut


I’m not so sure…
Glad you like it anyhow.


it defenitly fits with the games artstyle in my opinion


I wish there’d be a head style that lets you choose the original head for the feline race, like the one that’s in-game now.


Man, I want all of these races! They look so cool!


Oh, and it’d be really cool to have some sort of goat race like in the original race concepts. (Oort Online)


Just a friendly reminder that we are expecting tails with 1.0.




ARE we going to get updated models? and when? (i heard we are going to get better customisation on release?)


Polls should say which ones do you NOT want more. Because I like them all and my list is big.

3,4,6,8, ( most liked 9,13,14,). Seventeen if his feet had claws like his hands instead of elf shoes, would be my second.

honestly they all should be in it eventually.


There’s some fantastic models in this thread - the examples given are really top notch!

If you guy can manage to get this stuff out before 1.0… you would gain a huge huge level of player retention from this! And all of us who are playing before 1.0 officially in our little pre-preorder period can either create new or buy a customize token and we’ll be happy too!

Honestly, aside from getting the new universe stable and released, this should be the top priority for the devs. The current character options will be very bad for player retention. Character options are just too big of a function of an MMO to be left for post-release.

My 2 cents at least


I don’t see new races happen, thats probably not realistic. Especially with unique animations and customization options. Better make one race perfect instead if several sub par races.

But customization for the cat people was confirmed multiple times und i guess when they add more customization they will also update the old model parts to bring them on par with the new stuff.