Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


I know this post is old, but really like 1,2,6,13,17,21. But as others have said, I would be happy with any or all of these.


When will we be able to choose a race and have advanced customization :frowning: I can’t wait to see at least some of these awesome models in game.


Ohh what I’d do for these :(:disappointed_relieved:


So want that Rhino with like bulky Armour/wearables! <3


what about a 1 block high race that excels at mining and crafting? (also those look amazing)


This was actually an idea a long time ago, but it was eventually scrapped for balance reasons. I can’t find the video now, but the devs showed off a very early version of race heights back when the player model was just an orange block (the alternate races were purple and green I believe)