Art: Character Races Concepts (males)


Don’t crush my dreams :cry:


Seconded. Would love that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know it has been said before…but character customization like this would be amazing. I have no idea how hard it is to implement.

Adding even a few races would be a huge help to the game feeling more unique and alive


These threads need archiving with a lock.
Necro’ing gets my hopes up and then dashes them to the ground :frowning:


I agree, I get tired of everyone looking like a demon. The females look male…


I miss my kitty and other models)


Let’s be real guys… for this to happen, the devs have to still be actively working on the game in ~1-2 years (based on their slow speed / small team size) and for a dev team to still be working on something for that time, they have to be making good enough money the whole time, which seems highly unlikely.

Character models, titans, the lance, etc etc - never gonna happen. I dare @james to come say otherwise (he won’t, if he has integrity). Farming will happen because its far enough along (I think) but beyond that… keep expectations low

Edit: harsh? Sorry. I’ve been down this road many times before, and the writing is on the wall


lol, second picture!!
looks like the guy on the left (dark one) is holding a small guy in his hand :grin:


I don’t see why that is an unbelievable length of time for continued support and active development. Most MMOs even the ones that die last 4 years after launch, several that had rocky or even terrible launches go on to be developed on for many years beyond that. With gleam club, and the exchange I don’t see why the game couldn’t be making enough money. new “free” weekends might happen once there is enough new things in the game that might keep new or returning (returning free players) a reason to stick with it this time.

Now I don’t expect everything that was ever posted as concept art to show up. Not in the slightest, each asset is a fair bit of development time. But I do expect the hunter, guardians/titans, prefab/blueprint system, and private/custom planets. All of those probably won’t be into the game until the 2 year anniversary of public launch, but I do believe the game will still be around for that.


Let me get this straight- your saying that if james doesn’t call you out on this bs then you must be right and James knows it, and if he does call you out, then you are still right, but he lacks integrity? That’s incredibly arrogant.


They are all slim. Why dont we get FAT guys :slight_smile:


Gimme that Endgame Thor body plz


It may be arrogant, but its also right :man_shrugging:

You don’t have to like it, but if you’ve been around game development long enough, like I have, the signs are clear as day



I would not have thought of that. Well played


It has already been stated that the financial situation is fine.


You can dare all you want, but the devs will respond to what they want, I have asked far less loaded questions that did not yield a response, So the lack of a response is just that, „No news, is No news“

And the attack of, if he doses respond in a positive manor to your question and say you are wrong, that doesn’t prove that he lacks integrity either. since once again, everything in regards to rather the things will happen is conjecture as we don’t know the fact of the matter which way it will go.

It would only prove he lacks integrity after he/they fails to deliver such before the game shuts down. Not before that happens

It is Conjecture, and might even be considered as defamation in the event james actually responds to you, Since then you would be stating as a fact, that he lacks integrity, which is an unproven statement designed to damage his reputation.

It is one thing to have an opinion, it is another to try to express it as a fact. And by your response of „Its also right“ I am going to go ahead and take that as you wanting to state such as a fact unless you state otherwise.


The way I see it, regardless of if boundless lasts 1 more year, or 10, its going to die eventually, so may as well enjoy it while its here.

Not playing a game just because it might die in the future is a pretty stupid reason not to play IMO

On topic: The main difficulty it would seem in adding cosmetic stuff like different characters and decorations would be creating them in 3D, given the design phase is pretty much done, and I cant imagine it would be too hard adding them as a selection for character creation (compared to the difficulty of modelling them).


When private planets are added it is possible for the game to never die as long as computers don’t disappear.

Some of the models are already done in 3d I am sure (since some were in EA previously). This game has a level of polish I’ve yet to see in any other Voxel game, so I’d imagine the devs sit on fully built assets for sometime before adding them to the live game (since then even minor bugs turn into major problems). I don’t see us getting all these races either, But I do see us getting all the things on the front page of the main website.


You realise i’m a different person to Aridhol right? I agreed with what you and Trundamere said - all I added was that all games die, but not playing them because of this is stupid, which is what i gathered Aridhol was trying to argue.


My bad man, the icon next to your names are the same color, and my brain is tired. I will edit out those parts.


It would be very nice to have customization options. You can see where the bodypaints influenced the above…like the cat ‘different customization options’ is similiar to the body paint we have now.

So all we need is some more races/face options and I think we are good!

I worry about adding this stuff though lol. The forum is like “We want this!” and then people are like “Ugh, that update had no content!” lol