Art: Containers animation test

Hi everyone,
i’m going to post a small update for the Containers.
Thank you guys for all the comments on the previous post. Your level of excitement is another big boost for our development and is great to read cool ideas come from all of you.
Attached the potential level 1 (basic) container for Oort and some opening animation exploration.
The visual style/texture is still work in progress but the main shape is pretty much locked for now.

Container concept

Animation test



As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts :smiley:

Stay tuned! more to come…


The animations presented in in test 2 seems a lot more natural than test 1 probably because parts of the container does not disappear during the animation.


i agree with thorbjorn, where does the stuff from the first animation go?

also can we get a rough idea on how big this is? because some animations would look awesome on a small box that you could open but look weird on a big chest like container.

I think the first one shows more fantasy :wink:


Yeah the first one has a better movement and have a more flowing opening.

I would like to have an animation like shown in the second one. may be it opens only from the side the player stands. On this way you would have no “physics problem” when the container is next to a wall or in a corner :wink:


That is a good point. :slight_smile:

Any animation that makes sure i won’t interfere with walls would be a plus.

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wouldnt it also be the same if they made it retract into itself rather than opening and turning around?

that may be good as well, but I also like the second animation more then the first one :wink: … No disapearing and unnatural movement.

yeah. but its hard to judge because we dont know the size of it, i think both would be cool if it is a small box you can have in your hands, but the 2nd would be best for a big storage box. the problem with cool animations like that would be as you said that there would be problems with hitting walls and stuff.

i know that i would like a container that i could place along a wall so it wouldnt take up needed space.

It’s going to fit within a 1x1x1

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I think they both have potential!. For the first animation though, to possibly help with any complaints on the “missing” pieces during the animation. Is it possible to dissolve the internal pieces and that top little square into say, a glowing red or green (or whatever color based on level of rarity even? ) smoke or light that shoots upward?. This would not only look awesome, it also gives these chests more life, more mystical power, hints at the value of them as they are opened and helps eliminate any pieces that may be in the way. Thoughts??.

I’m going to say I like animation 2 by far, however these open on all sides and I plan on pushing my containers against a wall. Of course that’s assuming I can loot these for myself or craft them.


So this is a 1 meter cube?

shame, this looks amazing as a loot box which is could fit in your hand.

but how would you make the animations if it is 1x1x1? that would mean that either 1) it cannot be placed near a wall or 2) it would not fill up a 1x1x1 spot when closed.

I said it’s going to fit within a 1x1x1. It’s not exactly 1x1x1. It’s also not finished, we’re aware of the collision implications :wink:

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The design for the containers are awesome, and of course a perfect fit in the Oort world!. If these are in fact animating within their 1x1x1 area, there should be no issues with collisions @Zouls, as long as other objects in the world don’t hang over into another 1x1x1 space that is. Cant wait to see these in action in the game :smile:. Getting more and more excited with every update.

I think it would be cool as a travel container where you can just place it down somewhere real quick and open it up and then just pick it right back up and start traveling again. I like the second to last animation in the second one where all sides open up but it leaves the center part there.

Sorry to be nit picking but judging from the 2nd animation, 2/3 of the top goes out and expands the length on all sides, taking 2 sides that would mean that the blocks would be expanded by 4/3, meaning that the entire thing would be 7/3 parts of a meter making the entire length 2.33 meter

if the expansion rate stays the same it would mean that 7/3 x = 1

so the size has to be 2.33 meter / 1. so the length of the cube would have to be just under 0.43 meters to not cause the expansion/opening to exceed 1 meter.

the other thing does the same just not to the same extreme degree but would still require the box to be around 0.55 m or so to not cause collison judging from the size.

Again sorry for niitpicking and i have no clue on programming, but i do have quite the expertise with math and it seems to make the boxes quite small if it follows a pattern of logic. :confused:

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I love the 1st animation- that flower opening motion is super cool looking!

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I think it’s ok to have the meshes collide. I mean, considering my idea was to be implemented where it’s sort of like a travel container, then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem since you’d be outside traveling.

If they use it as a normal container then you would have to either make it really small to fit the animation in a 1x1x1 space like you said or just make it a bit smaller that 1x1x1 and have the edges be able to collide with other blocks. Of course, if we just get the one where it opens from the side you’re looking at then there shouldn’t be any issues.