Art: Doors 1.0

Here’s a look at the meshes for solid door pieces and windowed door pieces (pictured in Maya).

Wood within the door will inherit the colour of the wood you use (so white wood makes a white door etc)


These are the coolest doors I have ever seen :slight_smile: (and way cooler than they looked in the concept art)


looks really nice :smiley:

Love it! =D

Absolutely love it! These door are a giant leap forward from other voxel games doors.

I love them!
Can I also say that it isnt fair for ben to post all of this wonderful content, he gets so many likes! :smile_cat:

Great work! Hoping all placeable items will look this good :+1: crafting benches / mechanical blocks and such :slight_smile:

Ahh yes I dig it.

I’m trying to save the artists time so they can focus on making cool things! :wink:


Really love the design, their proportions are great! :clap:

real good job @Designer of this Doors, looks great

i love the doors

Edit: Big THX for @claudiotolomei the designer of the doors^^

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Send love to @claudiotolomei who designed + modeled it :smile:


LOL i know @ben, im just giving you a hard time. @claudiotolomei great work, i love it!
Any chance that in the future we could stain the glass with different colors of glimmer?

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:open_mouth: I like the opaque glass doors! Awesome!

Oh guys, thank you very much for the comments. Sorry if i didn’t post them myself but i was really busy. A lot of new awesome things are coming soon!! So, as always, stay tuned.
See you on the next post. :eyes:


I’m thinking those windowed doors would also look great as windows :wink:

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Doors! OMG! Amazing work! :slight_smile:

So from I’ve gathered from this and the last vid about doors is they are only two blocks wide. Are there plans so that yo can create uniquely shaped doors?

There’s 2 types of door pieces (solid or windowed), individual door pieces can be a number of colours (from the wood colour used), oriented as tall or wide doors (up to 8x2 or 2x8) with single or double door variants. Combine all those things together and we think that’s more than enough customisation, literally thousands of different door combinations.

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Fantastic x10

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