Art: Doors 1.0


What are you guys thinking about the knobs? Right now they kind of look like buttons.

Also, MC distinguishes between “wooden” doors (anyone can open) and “iron” doors (player-only open), maybe as an analog, we do “doors” and “doors with locks?”

Keys would be a fun mechanic. Make copies for your friends, lend them to renters in your tavern, etc…


I love how these look. I can’t wait for the texture update!!


Love it! Man you are on top of your game! lol


After you re-create the doors, which are very beautiful, can you bring back a block that is similar to the doors now? The reason I ask is because Minecraft never had a narrow sideways block and I’ve really been enjoying it for making flowerpots and chair arms, and was even considering a full fence. It doesn’t have to have the opening mechanic, but just be a narrow sideways block like it is now.


You’re looking for something like the existing door without the attached door knob, correct? Hey, devs, that could double as a sort of saloon style door, too :wink:


Basically I meant just a narrow sideways piece, similar to the slab but on its side like the doors. If you visit my place in Ruchs you can see how I used them to make flower pots and the arms of chairs.


Does anyone know if the windowed doors are in game right now :open_mouth: ?


They are not currently in game.


Aww :c they look so good




I’m curious if you guys are going to support 2-wide (or maybe 1.5-wide, eh eh?) doors for larger builds (e.g. a 4-wide double door)? Would be pretty handy


I do like. Maybe more framing options (eventually.)


I just bought the game, it looks good, but sadly I can’t put it to its max, when I do so the frame rates is about 15fps and it is not my gpu that is not powerful enough, it’s an 980ti and I used MSI afterburn and I realised that the game only use 9% to 18% of the video card. also their’s no background music, would it be added later? So few people did see none while playing feels lonely ;(. but yeah, I know it’s in pre-alpha! I hope for it to get more popular!!!


Currently people just watch how development process is going. If you want to play with someone, just find someone on forum.


Reminds me of Japanese doors :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Perhaps more RAM will improve your frame rate?


I like the idea of keys, I was never a fan of the button thing for iron doors in MC, it got a bit annoying with doors opening and closing all the time.
A key/lock system would be super helpful/neat I say!


Also a question!
For the windowed doors would we be able to colour the glass for a stained glass windowed door?


damn cool doors :smile:


would be cool if you can make doors from any materials, gleam doors etc :slight_smile: