Art: Doors 1.0


These doors look amazing!


What ever happened with these doors? they look amazing!


That’s what happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

But TBH, yeah, I’d like to have doors like these.


I think the old doors were thicker.
They may have changed the graphic size.

Would be nice to still have both though.
Everyone likes options and variety.


At least these non windowed doors were available on EA, but when game got door update these were removed (or changed). I think these would still have use in game :slight_smile:

I don’t remember did these doors inherit tint of material :confused:


I love the look of these doors. Would be great to be able to add these back into the game. Would go with several designs I have seen as well.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those! Back when we started work on the new doors we did discuss keeping the old ones, but the meshes and textures were pretty old and would have needed quite some work to make them tintable and match the proportions of the newer doors. They didn’t quite match up with the style of the more modern assets either, so in the end we decided to just replace them with the new door assets instead.


Im going through the old Dev Arts haha. Im sure ill see alot i want!


LOL you got me! lol damn those Post “Respawns”!


Lol all of these old art posts…

I think it would be cool to have these doors, and some smooth designed doors.
Solid basic doors, glass doors, lucient gem doors, gem doors, marbled doors, etc

(also it’d be cool if we could have multiple doors wide instead of a max of 1-2, imagine having rift doors that are 4 wide x 6 tall or something)


Do you think there’s a possibility for y’all to add a few more doors at one point?


Sure, it’s possible. There are other things I’d rather do first before we expand on the fairly extensive set of doors though.


Like the furniture?