Art: Elemental VFX

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Been doing work on elemental VFX. Continuing on from Claudio’s concepts for Poison/Fire/Ice

Corrosion VFX.


Mmmmm I cannot wait for that Lance. It looks so good.

Love them all. Can’t wait to see the elements in action. :smiley: And I hope to see some very dark ones.

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this looks so badass!


This is sweeeeeeeet :sunglasses:

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I whole heartedly agree :smiley:

Nice! Especially the grapple looks mind blowing.

I hate to be the downer here, because I truly love 5/6 of these, but the Shock/Electrical doesn’t exactly make me think of electricity. It’s really close to the fire colors and even if the effect is as different as portrayed, it will likely be confused from a distance. Could we just change the base color to a deep blue or something? After all, when electricity arcs, it is a blue-white light that is given off. Not a yellow-white light.

Massive thumbs up for those rendered corrosion VFX though!