Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


First up: Twisted Wood







Broken Stones



Long Grass (updated from earlier screens)



I’ll update this post with some more later on…

More glass forms, a new clay recipe and more variants
What was it like when the game was known as Oort Online (HISTORY ATTEMPT)

The stone,sand and gravel looks really cool don’t really know about the inside of the logs seems a bit odd :blush:


omg, @ben thats amazing! Can I give you some money via Paypal to but your artist Cookies?! :smiley:
Btw. who is it?


gleam is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life :o and I also love the dirt and stone textures :slight_smile:


and could you please show the new tree foliage And cobblestone ? :slight_smile:


Foliage is still having some finishing tweaks. Cobblestone (Broken Stone) has been added.


thank you it looks really awesome (especially merged with normal stone)


The lantern is awesome. but i have to agree, the inside of the wood looks rather weird.


That’s because it’s weird wood. It’s not a solid trunk, it’s thick vines twisted together. It’s the first wood type, we’ll be adding more (but not for this release).


I love the twisted wood because it’s unique and really looks like something that would grow on alien worlds :slight_smile:


Those textures are fantastic ~
About the gleam though, is that the texture without the glow effect?


im pretty sure its glowing, but i think they reduced so its a soft glow rather than the flashlight look it has now.


The glow amount is the same, the texture is less intense with colour. It probably looks less bright because most players place about 9000 of them in one place, not just one, as illustrated there :wink:


so the light coming is the same but the actual block is less bright?


Not less bright, but less saturated (colour intense). It shines and changes as you walk around it, more obvious in motion.


ahhh. okay. i hope you guys will look into making more gleam colors as you wrote on twitter a looong time ago xD

but i look forward to getting in and taking pictures.




Its also up in the upper left.

i just thought it was lava which made the shine.


Thanks for sharing more! I’m so excited!


We will be including more Gleam colours in the next release, possibly up to 16