Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


when is the first release going to be? ^^


Nice try :wink:


well it was worth a try :wink:



i hope for

Red (already shown)
blue (already in)
black (can you make black light?)



Something like this, it would work like light, but it would do to other types of light what normal light does to shadows

Sorry for my non existant paint skills, but if you imagine a blue crystal and a dark crystal, being put like this, the blue crystal would shine but the dark crystal woulda absorb the light.


Go home Zouls, you’re drunk :smiley:



I’m kidding. Sounds cool @zouls :slight_smile:


Yeah i know it sounds stupid, but basically a type of gleam that absorbs rather than emits light :smiley:


What’s the purpose? :smiley:


if you have a lit room but you want to not have light in certain areas, say a corner where there wont be any light, but you need light in the rest of the room or to make it so you can still see something but it still has a rather dark shine to the light., i dunno. i just think a black crystal would be epic, although it might be impossible to make xD


Im glad we get red light blocks

I think it would be awesome if we could use gleam in items though. like implementing a blue gleam gem into a sword and it would make a small light, maybe 1/10th of a torch but you can still see what is just around you?


All you want to do is an 18+ Red light area, I know Zouls xD


that is a really cool idea if it works!




It’s wooooonderful, really :heart:




Awesome idea is awesome we need a suggestion thread for this :slight_smile:

Call it special gleams or something like that.


Someone asked to see the Lleb Capital…