Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


Stop taunting ush! Plz!


That was me :slight_smile: thanks for showing.
It looks absolutely beautiful (and i see some new foliage :wink: )
Also who is the artist that made this artwork? Big shout out to him(or her idk)


that looks amazing.


Foliage in that shot is super placeholder btw.


Another cool thing about this release: you can place Gleam as slopes. You can make shards, diamond like shapes with it. Looks cool.


is the white shine just gleam? it looks waay brighter than the last ones did, its kinda cool though.



The lighter white is the Lantern block. We’ll be adding the full gamut of colours for Gleam.


SHUT. UP. Lanterns too? Gleam only?

@Predatoxic lol EXACTLY


Lighting is additive - so you would want a negative light …

… whatever that is.


more like something that cancels out the light it touches. with the same intensity as a normal block. its prob not possible though :smiley:


Negative lights are absolutely possible.


really? didnt think that could be done xD

the main use i can imagine for it though would be in case of pvp where you could place the block or use a dark bock torch or something along those lines to completely remove the light around you. but im not sure it has alot of uses other than being there :smile:


Super awesome tekshas!! Also like the canals in tree logs. Mucho, mucho, mucho great.
And As far as I can see, many blocks seem to be beveled - just as I suggested - I don’t know if it is because of my wish but I really appreciate this!


Omg. I can’t wait to see some of my builds. It’ll be like a birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!


Black holes confirmed!! /s

That could actualy be really awesome for dungeons


do you think you could make that? an element that would literally absorb everything around it? that would be scary as hell…


Oh, you have no idea the twisted traps and hellscapes I could make with “shadow gleam.” There is a reason I’m called Havok, after all…


i always think of the havok engine when i read your name xD


It would be awesome if some warps would be unstable and suck you and blocks inside them :smiley: