Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


randomly appearing warps in the world who will suck you through to another place in the world.

blame the RNG gods XD


RNG? Not familiar with that. I think you mean the Chaos Gods.


YES! I need that :smile:
Or a titan that creates such a warp :smiley:


that would be a bummer to fight

‘‘where did billy go?!.. ohhh daaaamn’’


“Oh my god Billy is so annoying” pushes in warp "Whoops! "
Warp titan aka. the Getridofannoyingteammates-Inator


Shove Billy into this.

Yes, I made this. [An old video…]


:scream_cat: :kissing_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :loudspeaker: :dash: MUST HAVE Negative lights!


I was wondering if you guys are going to add more detail to the texture like cracks, undergrowth, etc?


They are pretty detailed already :slight_smile:
But it would be cool if some stones would be mossy (maybe if they’re near water)
Or if we could just use seeds on them to let some plants grow on them


yay, awesome!


I love everything about this post. I cannot wait to play with new gleam colors and make more giant crystals! :slight_smile:

I also support the negative lighting gleam, sounds like a cool idea for buildings and dungeons!


I notice one thing - there is nothing that looks like stone bricks anymore. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the ability to craft them :smiley:


love it! :smile:


Well like an Black hole?! That does absorb light, but it absorbs everything else too ^^


I think that stone bricks are going to be that one that kinda looks like what you see in the back ground of the last picture.


Is there a new Ice texture?


Yep… fingers crossed it makes it into the release…


Crossing my fingers for snow as well


I’ve so many fingers cross at the moment - that typing this is genuinely painful. :ambulance:


I’m keeping my fingers crossed too because I don’t want to re-record a certain something :stuck_out_tongue: