Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


holy f*** the grass looks amazing :o


I like @Zouls idea of black gleam that absorbes light. It should be shine black if you look at it, but every light around is dimmed by it (or going black if you have some more of them together). I just think about own built dungeons with pools of dark matter which gives a little creepy atmosphere :wink:


Thx, I thought I remembered different screenshots and didn’t scroll to the top - (mixed it with other post). Remember seeing one of those blocks up high on something but thought it might have been a chest.

(would still miss bricks - but I can work with that) :smile:


I just feel the small grooves of the timber blocks under my fingers while looking at the timber textures :hand: … wow! All of the new stuff looks wonderful. If there are still people begging for texture mods in the future they have to get stoned till they realise that there is no need for such anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Has there been a set day these will be put in? Or is it a secret?


The mold blocks actually spread some of its color onto the twisted wood! Was that intentional? I’m kind of liking it alot :smiley:


They usually introduce new content on Wednesdays


:neutral_face: Any way we could get a block swap for the giant cloud city on Gasan?(Swap from current mold to an actual wool block) That city has hundreds of mold blocks. :confounded:
Not stressing too much about it, but still wondering if my request would be possible.


If you can make the black light look like a galaxy in the center with small swirling lights and dim/fade any light surrounding it…

I also liked the idea of black holes sucking things in… Reminds me of Ratchet & Clank, Rift inducer

@ben Is there anyway we can get a morph o ray?


Best. idea. ever. Make this a thing. But make it so that it is really difficult to get and that you can only morph creatures.
Maybe also different settings that you can make them cows, chickens and more.
This can be very handy if you need pork but only have a chicken xD


We could use all kinds of gadgets and some platforming would be awesome… Grind rails and moving blocks over pools of lava. Maybe some puzzle logic to open doors.


I must say, as much as I love this game and your dev team, I hate wednesday releases and being so anxious and looking forward to such an awful day :laughing: fingers crossed for this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated this post with ice.


Why not save time and just release the update :wink:


The cold never bothered me anyway. :yum:


Added leaves.


OMG. That one has to be the best so far. I’m speechless.


I’ll just leave this link here @Cirlex @james @ben :smiley: :wink:



Well it is April Fools tomorrow :wink:


Those leaves are Amazing, oh my gosh!