Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


Yeah, about that: the twisted wood block is the only one that I have mixed feelings about. The side looks great, but the top/bottom part of the block with these lighter spots just looks weird, tree trunks don’t look like that. Or maybe I’m mistaking it for something else?


twistet timber are densly grown vines :slight_smile: thats why i think the texture is pretty incredible


The twisted wood is a combination of vines and tree limbs, so all the lighter spots are individual trunks that make up the larger whole trunk.


Thanks guys, this clarifies it a bit. The texture still looks weird to me, but at least now it has a good reason :smiley:


Maybe there will be different kinds of lanterns later on. Also the picture you posted is BA-U-TEH-FULL


Twisted is only one type of wood, there will be more. We thought it would be more fun to do the interesting one first.


You’re such a teaser, you know that, don’t you?


I still love the twisted one :slight_smile: The idea behind it is so cool (in my oppinion)

Of course he knows >_< He just wants to torture us :sob:


Bit of sunset and night time flora inspection on Callaw.


Congrats to the Dev Team. The game is really becoming visually distinct. The new leaves are a personal favourite and I’m very curious to see if there will be coniferous trees as well.

Very well done!


This maze just got a WHOLE LOT HARDER to find your way through.

Note that the top image is from forcing foliage to not be rendered, so you can’t just cheat by turning it off in the options or anything, though the lowest foliage quality setting is a lot closer to the top image than the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:


Woohoo new desktop background for me :slight_smile:



Eyes then melt out of his eye sockets…


Horrey Sheett!


Going to try mega maze tomorrow. Looks aMAZEing.


So with these new shaders can we expect better light interaction like sand being reflective with noise patterns to simulate the grain? Or better blooming for light sources in dark areas?



That game is too amazing.
Also Those leaves are spectacular. Don’t forget pine needles though Devs!


Omg Those leaves! Ahhhrg! OMG! Ahhhrrrggg! Ahhh!



This texture scares me. It looks like an octopus’s suckers :fearful:
Could I use old textures after update?


Onwards and upwards.

Add back original color palette planets like old Universe