Art: First look at some of the new textures in 102


This means “NO”? :worried:


I love the update, great new textures.
You guys gave me a lot of redo work though, white gleam does not look good with what I have built >.<


The new textures are great except the design of glass. Big windows would look better if the “ironbars” or whatever you call the edges of the block would just outline the whole window and not every single block. I think, it would be better if the “ironbars” would vanish whereever two blocks of glass align.


This is very cool, love the new textures!


I haven’t been on since before this patch and now I’m super excited to see what my tower looks like with new textures.


I can confirm - it’s looks pretty cool!


I don’t like the Xewell color of Gleam. I want it to be blue Gleam. :frowning: One day I’ll go through and fix it. One day.


Can’t wait to try the game.


Holy necro!


hmm, so why necro a 3 year old thread to tell that to us ^^ … but yeah, feel welcomed. your buildings seem to be at least very interesting in style :wink: … have a look into out Screenshot thread ( Post Your Screenshots!) and scroll through that to see what we have built over the last years :wink:


Thanks feel free to delete the pic .


no need to :wink:


Good memories, at least. I really do miss this art style.


japp, still one of the very few things I miss now where the game had progressed away from those textures. But to be honest: The artstyle would’ve not fit to all those world concepts now. It was perfect for “standard earthlike worlds”, but recolored it would look odd compared to our comic style now.


We need a “Threadomancer” title! :grin:


Maybe :slight_smile:

Actually i would love to know what happened to leaf in the meantime. Those looks amazing and what we have right now is nowhere near this good :frowning:
Foliage either way need to be set to min during hunting/gathering so i really don’t understand why on Ultra we can’t have something similar to this.


I really miss those leaves.
they look 1000 times better than the suction cups we have.


It looks like its actually the same texture, just arranged differently.
But i agree.
I really love the exotic foliage we have now though.


I disagree… Old foliage looks way better than current exotic. Maybe if they add more foliage outside of block. But it is just too sparse to look that good.


yeah i know, it’s rendered differently. I think it looks terrible. I did when i first saw it and even more so when I realized how GOOD those leaves used to look.
the other foliage styles look fine. I just can’t stand the round suction cups. they looked so much better curved and attached on their side.