Art: Grappling Hook new look concept

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I haven’t been posting for a bit.

Grappling hook restyle. Leaning away from slanty handles as it looked too much like Zelda.


*SFX not official.


That fist concept is awesome, though

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But that´s why i liked it :neutral_face:

Anyway, I think 2, 16 and 17 look great. They remind me of the head of an oil drill.

Number 4 would be awesome! Like an extension to your arm!

After number 4, I like numbers 15 and 21


Really like the new direction it’s taking, being a handle rather than a pole, that is. My favorites are 19 through 23. Also, having the foldup parts is a really cool idea as well.

Just added to the Devlog folder :sunglasses:

I vote for the fist too.

YES! Don’t really like the current design tbh ^^
I vote vor 21 ^^
Also IMO the fist would probably look strange :confused:


Hmm i like 4!
“Got ya!”

I agree, I don’t think the fist would really fit. :neutral_face:

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I would choose 21.

Really any of the concepts that has some kind of pincers or teeth that suggest it might actually be able to grapple on to something.

That or something like 24 that presumably punches itself into a surface to anchor itself or maybe something that implies it drills into a surface to anchor itself.

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15/18/21 looks all awesome

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15 and 21 are really cool

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4 is really cool :smiley: But then you have to call the item “grab-ling” hook :wink:

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I actually really like 24. Looks like it could double as a weapon. Quick throat punch and then fly off into the sunset.

well i dont like changes that much but i love number 2 and 17 but srsly i hate changes on stuff…

without change you will never know if there are better options available.

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yeah has the great touch of The legend of Zelda grapling hook but still diferent and I like it, very similar in some many ways but there are much ways to do it, the stick we already have is a very simple one but this is a very cool renewed model

Joining a game in this early stage of development was probably not your best idea then. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are bound (pun intended) to be many more changes before the end.

24, but i like the handle for 6 where the oortian symbol is on the handle.

Updated original post!