Art: Livestock Progression new species

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Continuing on our exploration on livestock. Here is the previous variations post. But now we’re going further with vastly different looks as the livestock gets stronger.

Weeny to big and beefy.


Nice! I am super excited to see this in game.


Holy ■■■■ they’ll get that big??? At that rate we could ride on them!.. Wait…


Obviously the same order, family or even subspecies.

Are they tasty? Is it crunchable?

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I don’t have any particular favourites out of these because they all look awesome!


Will they…blend?


Like the fury ones in lvl. 3. The rasta-goat look nice, but how do he see anything…
The lvl 4 looks a little skinny and bare compared, but they maybe make it in size.
Love all lvl 5. :slight_smile:

Like progression 2 best (not the skinny one).

It would probably be a good idea to make the change in the horns follow a pattern, it look a bit weird when they in one stage goes backwards and then up in the next is going upwards and then forwards and in the last have turned flat and shield like.

Or just taking the first progression picture, 2-4 first the horns are straight then they are going backwards and up and then straight again


will all of em be in game cant live wiht out eny of em not being in the game

I think all the models could be used, although if they are the same animal the horns changing direction would be strange

No animal is the same

i like lv.4 (2,5,6) lv.5 (3,6)

Really cool concepts. (Especially fluffy no.2).

Would be cool if the different types of livestock would have different loottables (More cloth/wool from the fluffy ones, more bone/horn from the bulky ones, etc.)


Yes, exactly. I was thinking the same.

Those lvl 3s… man, puberty hit them hard.


I know they are so emo ish

I somehow imagined that if those ones could talk, they would wander around bumping into each other and saying “Dude!”.

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Duuuuuuude. Liiiiiiiiike…who closes the door when the bus driver gets off, maaaaaan?

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Absolutely love the Shaggy look of Lv3 livestock!! :heart_eyes: (Especially 2&3 - with three having the same tail as 2)

Lv5 also looks great, loving all of them except 1.

What is up with the possessed look of Lv4?
Kinda looks like the demon goat in Goat Simulator… (Really hope they end up looking more like Lv3 and Lv5

You need bipedal ones with white upside-down hearts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: