Art: Machine concepts part 2

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Ahoy I’m back! Funky machine concepts and explorations. And spinny things!

Ah the Boundless logo is just a placeholder for a glyph for now.


Really liking the direction these are taking, can’t wait to learn more!


Ditto what @Havok40k said! Can’t wait for more!

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“Input + output” is a hint(?) that makes me uncomfortably excited!

Really liking the look of these machines. But where’s the sound effects? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder about using the symbols to determine on/off as you are, though. People will frequently box in these blocks, which might make them unable to view those symbols.

One idea: Have energy veins on each surface that turn on/off with the device? Mini version of the titan style

Glowing? :clap: :ok_hand::+1:

Sound effects will make a come back in the next batch if I remember haha.

And yeah we were thinking glowing veins as something to implement too!


I like stuff rotation :slight_smile: So whatever involves rotating stuff is nice for input output.

Damn thats pretty sick, does the liquid mean we power them using oort shards?

I’m really liking the pipe connector regardless of what the use would be.

Hmmm, quick question. If overheating was a thing, would the machine start to produce smoke or would they hit maximum speed and tear themselves apart? :open_mouth:

!!! and perhaps take a chunk out of the terrain around them, much like a ground basher. Heck w/ real gameplay, I wanna play mad scientist and wreak havoc on my lab!


That sounds like a cool idea. I think we’re going along the lines of having a working engine that speeds up according to how much power is going through. But I don’t know about overheating and tearing itself apart.


I like the idea of balancing power with heat dispersion so you have to add heat sinks or other cooling methods to run a machine at high energy for prolonged periods or else it damages itself or its surroundings.


Gah, they are all so good. Really can’t pick a favorite.

I’m wondering what function the gyro looking device would be for. Maybe for use when players are able to build their own flying devices you have to have a gyro to keep it stable otherwise it will just lean to whichever side is heavier.

They all look amazing but I think the ones in your first post were a lot more creative and look way better.

I am amazed by all these developing things that come up! the game will be so amazing somewhen (even more then it already is :wink: ).

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i like all the papurr work (drawings) … are digital i think, but for me is always interesting…and i like the animo, the mmo and the m n’ o. i’m so sorry … but i’m multimately tired. i’m so tired. i feel admired and tired. but i don know no mo.

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