Art: Playable Character sketches

Hi guys,
i’m going to share with you some construction pages and exploration for one of the playable character we have in game.
This are just explorations and we are working on the main character meshes and animations at the moment.
As always stay tuned because more things on their way… :ocean:


I really like the faces, I hope we can do a lot of these emotes ingame too.

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Loving it already! Will it have a tail too? Just wondering ^^

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Is it just me or does the proportions look a bit odd? like he have a huge body but a tiny waist? never the less i like the design both on the character and the armor, especially the ninja robe ish thingy that is the last XD

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seems fine to me o-o it looks bulky that way.

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Thank you so much for the updates, things are looking great!

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I’m glad you like it!
Sure is going to have a lovely fluffy tail :wink:


During our early character exploration stylised proportions looked far more dynamic, readable and interesting for our characters than realistic/humanoid ones.

I understand, i think its something that grows on you. can i ask, is that race genderless? or have you just not drawn the groin for obvious reason, i realized that he always wears pants or something like it when he have armor on :smile:

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Beautiful work! I’m particularly fond of the art for the armor.

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This particular one is a mail character. The female is coming soon. I’m not empathizing the gender at the moment, especially for the male but… there might be room for a DLC or Custom pack :smiley: (is up for our designer, and off course, the community)

Nice. i know its weird that im asking, i just honestly always plays female characters ingame, just a habit of mine and i find a games where you cant choose gender a bit less entertaining, know this sounds like egoistic as hell but i think some other people feel the same way xD

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heres a question ive got, are we keeping the same races we have on teh main page? or are they all changing due to the fact its a new artist? @claudiotolomei

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I’ve been wondering this as well, especially concerning the oortian concept sketch.

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They have just been training since july when they launched the game, they have gone from skinny people to buff heroes, though it seems they skipped legday a few times xD

That can happen when you simply use the grapple hook to get everywhere.


Indeed, btw arent doing that like really hard for the arms (if we think logically)
hmm… i know grappling hook will be changed but it might be curious to explore a sort of penalty or restriction on it which means that you cannot use it for extended periods of time (unless you have specific requirements)

oh well, time will tell.

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Lookin’ good! Can’t wait to see him running around in game.

Where dem birds at!? I gotta have mah birds!
I like the way these guys look, but the definitely look a little awkward in the poses they’re in right now. Looks nice though, so keep up the good work!

That’s just for them and the 3D modelers to easily read the concept :stuck_out_tongue: . A lot of concept artists do it this way since it’s efficient and saves them time to just concentrate on making the clothing/textures.

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