Art: Power Core concepts

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Well thanks, never had a poll bugging like that before.
(Still a fan of the “singel choice” polls though)

Like Go hard or go home

Same for me - I think single vote would have been better here as you can see the results. On a multi-poll you can then tailor your choices to favour your personal best option. i.e. omitting choices if they would have overtaken your personal best one in the results!

3, 5, 6, 7, 8, are all winners

many people can be in such things decide not only for 1 single therefore is not very helpful here.

you cant say every time which core is the best, if 2 core equally well.

and you must not vote for more as 1

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8 looks more like a cracked open core you’d find in a defeated titan.

I think 5 would be my favorite if it had an open top/bottom

However, if we’re plugging this into pipes, how would that look? Most of these don’t seem to have a good spot for a socket

I mean pipes could be on the floor connecting to the glowing lines on the cores. They could also connect from below or it could just look like they connect from below but you put the pipes on the side.
But a good question for Ben nonetheless.



archon is a unit from starcraft2 and the body consists of pure energy XD
starcraft is a nice strategy game

yea give me that sweet +4/+4 for one turn!

Hopefully our Generators will EMP proof :smile:


6 and 7 are both great and I love them. I think which is better will depend on your building concept. 7 looks more unstable and i could totally see inside a ruin or reinstated looking building, while 6 looks like it would power a high tech base. :heart:

yes 6 and 7 are the coolest!


7 looks amazing!

atm the results of the poll

31 Voters (104 Votes) (Min: 1 Vote | Max: 5 Vote)

1.+2. Core 6+7 with 67%
3. Core 10 with 58%
4. Core 8 with 38%
5. Core 5 with 35%
6.+7. Core 3+9 with 22%
8. Core 2 with 12%
9. Core 1 6%
10. Core 4 with 3%

That would be cool if there was a creature that could actually do that, or syphon off of your power, making it less effective on machines.

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i’m so excited.

For the longest time i’ve had this dream of having my own private world, with a large crater surrounded by walls as my beacon, and a vault where i make various contraptions and mechanical devices.

it’s really quite something to be able to see the game develop and fit your designs into mine. can’t wait for this game!


The real question hasn´t been asked yet though: Will this be THE power core or just a power core?
So will you see bigger/better/new ones as you progress through the game?