Art: Power Core concepts

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I like core №7 because core of our planet is round too, and at the bottom those lines looks like wires that connecting core to whole system\ building.

This will be just one power core out of many. So in that sense, number 7, though favorable, might not work out so well if you intend to repeat them in stacks or tiles.

Nice. I really like that you are going really in depth with the B< machinery.

Dunno but would this work? (just an example)

So the lower blocks change their texture if the same block gets placed on top of them again (just like the door does).
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/15d3fe5685362880b3e1aa0151d0ef0d5e07100b.jpg" width="345"height=“245”>


That’s an interesting idea. Don’t think it’s what the designers were going for in terms of mechanics but I can forward it as it is cool