Art: Territorial creature


Hi guys,
here some concept exploration for a new territorial creature.
Is generally a static creature that is going to react when the players are in proximity or interact with it.
That mysterious beast could have all sorts of unpredictable behaviour that can effect the players in different ways.
Again those are shapes exploration and is always nice to see what you think about them and which are your favourite. :slight_smile:

See you at the next beast.

What kind of new Blocks, would you like to see?

I’m instantly drawn to number 13 - would open be the natural state for it and it closes on you when you stray to close?

I also like number 1 - we tend to just look forwards most of the time, so having something above you that can be dangerous adds an extra dynamic!


These are amazing :smile:


12 all the way. Angry tree stump is best tree stump.


Really like 1,2 and 12

Do you plan to make them hard to see as in traps or are they just something you will easily be able to see unless you are extremely uncareful.


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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
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Absolutely love all of them.
I´m really curious how the escape mechanic for 2 & 13 would work.


there gonna be a ton of updates soon, hope this too, is awsome i don’t know what to choose so i like everything


I dont wanna choose :frowning: i want all of them


We are discussing with the designers about that. I would prefer to make them hard to see or at least i want the to look as “innocent” as possible until is too late :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
They might be able to lure you with some shining things before reveal themselves.


Oh my Gosh, they are all sooooo awesome!!! I would love to have all of them, but alas, we must choose. Obviously 1 grabs our attention, especially if they were smart enough to surround players when they weren’t paying attention. maybe they wouldn’t move if your looking at them, but when you go into your inventory, or look away, they grow and move towards you. 4 caught my eye as well, and it made me think of what would happen if you found an underground colony of the glowing mushroom jellyfish. I love all of these designs, and hope many of them make it into the game. Great Job to the Devs!!


The close to the ground it is the more the chance is that you miss them, a good example of this was evolve’s plants which was pretty easy to dodge once you got used to them, but once in a while you would just mess up and walk into them. i think that is something that would be a good middle ground, it shouldn’t be like you can never see if it is real or not (like a mimic chest) but on the other hand you shouldn’t be able to easily see them. But that is a matter of opinion :smiley:


Yes please! Particularly if the creature cannot move.

My concern with the immobile variants is that they will likely end up being a mild annoyance at best (easy to identify and avoid).

2 seems like a good example of a well camouflaged one. Especially if it spawns near pebble doodads


I think having two categories of these creatures would be a nice solution:
One that is almost invisible but only deals moderate damage (Nr. 3 for example).
And one that is easily spotable but deals high damage (Nr. 13 for example).


Cool! I think 10 and 13 are the best. I think it’d be cool to have a rock that crawls around when people get too close, or just a venus fly trap type creature :smile:

Obligitory adding to devlog folder update :sweat_smile:


Also, @claudiotolomei, is the vision for these creatures to blend in with very similar looking plants? For instance, number 13 would look a lot like any of the other plants on a world, but once you get closer you find out that it’s really a deadly teeth monster. If it was like that, that would be really cool :grin:


Definitely. I would love to. But we are discussing options and implementations with the team. We will find out :gift:


As you said, they should react, when you get close. So should they also surprise you? Because then it’s all about camouflage.

In this case, I support 13 and 14 very much, because they are nearly invisible in high grass!
I imagine me uncarefully stepping on 13 and… Snap! Hurting me by biting. 14 also looks like grass and when you are close, it jumps towards you.


i like number 2 and 13

very good XD I really like your thought. I like most number 2. I think, if you see them its to late :smiling_imp:


I like concept 4. If u approach it, it could start spinning and sail off from ground and land somewhere else like a frisbee. If it lands where other creatures of this type are located, those start to sail away into different directions too.