Art: Ultra-wide Boundless image


Still struggling to find an awesome Boundless image for your 3+ display desktop? We’ve got you covered!

  1. boundless-panorama.png 16.8 MB @ 11200 x 1200
  2. boundless-panorama.jpg 2.8 MB @ 11200 x 1200

Ultra-wide versions of the following cropped image.


There has got to be a leak in here


Couldn’t find any :c


I spy with my little eye oort stone


Well yeah, but im pretty sure we have seen that before.


Crazy demon dogs confirmed.

and the plants they were working on


Those are both in the trailer though…


Let’s just pretend that it isnt the case xD


I can’t unsee them … :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also …
But I dont think these will make it into the game :wink:

How does Traveller’s Perch looks like?

Awesome! Going to be adding this to the Devlog folder right now! :sunglasses: