At what point is someone banned from the forums?

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If you feel this post is inappropriate, you will not hurt my feelings to remove it.
At what point, perhaps when being racist? is someone removed form the forums for good? Flagging content, closing threads are all good options but at some point, someone is beyond redemption. Can we vote? Is there anyone around to even address it on a more permanent level.
We are all adults here or should be, I can’t help but think that playing as such will lead to longer, happier lives.


I’m not gonna have an opinion of when or how, but as we found out, the last big perpetrator has already been handled by Leah.


My small opinion is when the Devs have to step in when moderation like Stretch-chan and vex-chan can no longer handle it and the big guns have to step in to help boop


Just be worried if Chan-chan shows up…


id be hyped if jackie- chan showed up


at least it’s not 4chan coming here


Whilst I’m happy to see trolls go, the emboldened stuff is dangerous as all heck if you want anything resembling a community.

Also, yes (sorry), I do think that this post is inappropriate, as it’s 100% going to stir the brown stuff up, whether that’s intended or not … again, though, sorry for saying so.

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I really don’t like that idea. The particular person who was recently suspended, was also causing trouble in-game. We can’t just vote people out of the forums and out of the game. There have been several times a person was unpopular in the game and people would have loved to see them gone, but they weren’t REALLY doing anything wrong. There would be people ganging up against a person that they don’t like and people will get canceled for being unpopular or for having a bad day. I’ve seen it in other communities. This is a matter for the devs and the moderators.


Right, I had a post deleted from a thread that was deleted :rofl:

There’s enough moderation. People that seem to be even trying to make a coherent point (even if some others don’t like it) are rarely banned and you know surely that one bad post could easily get you flagged off the forum if those votes added up to a ban.

There needs to be a human judgement call before any bans go out.


agreed…people can not be as objective in situations like this. Votes are always not helpful in scenarios like this.


I was being a tad snarky to my own self on the voting thing as I agree it would be like a popularity contest. I’m pretty sure most of us have a sense of when A line has been crossed but the final arbitor should be the forum owner.
And I’m fine with the devs deciding to delete this thread. I just…it started my day making me feel sad and I prefer happy :slight_smile:


When they cross to the dark side LOL

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can i vote for vagueposting & passive-aggression as bannable offenses?


I had a brainfart and totally didn’t know what you were talking about and then I was like “OOOHHH that one.”
That was handled pretty fast I must say.

I personally wasn’t expecting 24carat to be banned (let’s not beat about the bush, he’s the reason this thread was made, I know it, you know it, if you don’t, get out of the rock you’re living under, trying to act like it’s ‘He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’ is preposterous), neither would I have asked for that to happen, but I have no issue with it.

The guy straight-up lied (about what I wanted in regards to Host’s build, so I’m personally involved in this), spreading misinformation. He also made a point to discriminate germans, accompanied with awful remarks about a baby… who does that? I also remember seeing some pretty bad remark to someone who has leg issues, like “you got what you deserved” or something like that? I’ve not been around for a few weeks, so I might’ve missed some other things. But he apparently also is acting like a pest in-game, as some have likely seen on Host’s stream…
If that’s not worth AT LEAST a temporary ban, what is?

The thing that baffles me and Host is what led to these vicious attacks from 24carat. The guy has had a portal linking his place to the Raxxian Sanctuary for months and there was no apparent issues, and from what I know, he went aggro out of the blue.

To be honest, I’m surprised I’ve never been temporarily banned myself over the last few years since I’m perfectly aware I’ve also not been an angel around here, hammering my opinions and such… but lies, insults about someone’s culture, and mean-spirited things about physical injuries and babies, that’s crossing a line.
If I get banned one day, I think it will be deserved. The fact that I’m still there is the proof that it’s not a punishment dealt lightly.

So I for one thank @Leahlemoncakes, because I think it was deserved, but also because I wasn’t expecting devs to be ready to handle that sort of thing ever again.


let’s be honest - the last ban that happened was needed, not as some kind of punishment or out of someone else’s need to be satisfied but simply because the person in question clearly had a bad day (or maybe a bad week) and was angry-posting left right and centre, littering forum with multiple inflammatory posts

a temporary break from forums can be helpful not only for the community that experiences a sudden flood of angry posts, but also for the culprit who gets a chance to cool down


Just saying this it started out with us wanting to help but having to figure out what the real issue was (as it changed several times which made it unclear). Followed by him snapping to everyone that tried to help and getting warned that he had to stop that behavior that was going on.
The original topic got locked because of the lies and in appropriate comments he made followed by him basically spamming the same topic several times.

For me he didn’t leave it as is and went to discord…

After everything that happened that was the final straw for me… so i blocked him on forum and discord.
Never crossing my mind to hinder him in-game (closing his portal at DK for example).

The day after he didn’t quit apparently as it went from bad to even worse. (Yes i still could read his posts)
As the moderator’s had to step in and started to clean up he still kept going.

So in the end he got what he wanted otherwise he would have left it for what it was…


We have had or disagreements on the forum/discord/PSN/in-game and a few people we like less and more every time they leave a msg but that’s where it usually stays. Otherwise there would be more garbage floating around related to “boundless drama”.

Usually i take everything that is being said as a grain of salt. I don’t know the full story and what im told is usually not the full story. But I don’t care enough to go and figure out what the full story is and leave it as is.
Most of us do, as we play boundless for our enjoyment.
Some may rub us wrong but do we go out of our way to find this person? No we are here to play.
Usually if we cross them a /wave is to much :wink: or a simple “hi” and we just keep running or ignore them.
We certainly don’t start a conversation most of the time…

That said….

It’s sad this happened but i do think it should stay as is.
Up to the devs to decide.

I do have a small hope this means the devs are getting a bit more involved with the game again.
(Small hope and probably wishful thinking :wink:)


Adding that to the Normal Boundless Drama I kinda noticed We all forgot our differences and Hate Towards each other for this one incident and came togethor to protect one and each other (for how Toxic it got) so I’m Happy & proud to See me Brothers and Sisters Oortians getting along again Boop

Now Back to our Normal Broadcast xD


I ate all your cookies…


You… monster!