Atmosphere being raised on sovereign during runtime

Few hours ago my T4 planet was about to run out, so I did some good farming on it to appreciate it a last time. As the countdown showed 17 minutes, though, I thought I will just go ahead and reclaiming everything on it cause yeah the last minutes You wont be productive anymore.

And then I got very negatively surprised. Knowing I paid that planet for months, I can’t even reclaim my stuff peacefully the last 15 minutes of its existence cause they raised my planet’s atmosphere already to caustic lvl 8! Honestly, its not about those few minutes I’m complaining about that were basically wasted and taken away from me on that planet. Its the fact that they roughly start 30 minutes before it would run out with raising the atmosphere - on a planet for which I paid that time, not to be basically kicked out 15 minutes earlier. Thats not a way You guys should treat Your customers. It made me today very angry.

In the end I assume they do that with all planet’s from T4 on and lower ones without atmosphere seem to have another way to kick the player out since my T1 one week ago had no raising atmosphere when it ran out. There I also reclaimed in the last few mins.

Here another picture that makes it even clearer: 9 minutes left but already on caustic lvl 9. I’m sowwy my pictures are always in German xD I kinda don’t plan to change that. Oops

Have you considered this as some kind of bug instead of an evil dev plot?


(I talked with two people about it. They experienced similar. Maybe I should word my post different but with app i got lots issues that the draft was opened in another window so I wanted to throw it out.)

Thats what I want to find out basically. Is it a bug, or is that something they decided for higher tier planets. I appreciate everyone that shares it if they experienced similar so in case its a bug, it gets the devs attention

This is the way that Exo planets end/die, but I didn’t think Sov planets did the same. Especially since there’s suppose to be a 2 week (or so) time frame where they are locked - just incase someone forgot to add fuel.

I’m going to lean towards bug. Could be wrong. @james

Edit to add: anything that you placed on the planet will automatically go into a reclaim for you. You won’t see the reclaim until the planet is 100% gone/deleted though, which can take a couple of weeks unless you list your planet on this thread for asap deletion: [REMINDER] Extend or Remove Sovereign and Creative worlds!


I haven’t experienced this on ANY tier planet. You may have a bug.

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Exactly same came to my mind. I was just very surprised to see that on a sovereign and got me anyhow very angry :sweat_smile: Its closed since 6-7 hours so I got me some time to think about it and getting calm about it before posting. haha.

Yes I know about that. I rather wanted to get my stuff earlier though.
It’s weird. First Screenshot by the way was made from a video that I saved. Afterwards I could even see it was already on lvl 7 without me noticing it while farming. I had that atmosphere problem with two chars if that’s interesting in any way. So if its not a thing for everyone and just a few players, its for the whole account then cause character changing didn’t do a difference.

Kinda my fault though, I called my planet a few times exo-like and ugly. Yesterday again so I got kicked in my butt for it.


Is your stuff not in auto reclaim?

Pretty sure this is not a bug i have seen this happen on portals for planets that run out, this happen for a planet i let run out and forgot to ask to be deleted. (sorry about that.)

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Your plots and stuff get automatically reclaimed anyway. So does it really matter that much. Deep breath and relax. You lost nothing but the planet you didn’t want anymore. So it’s all good✌️


as much as it doesn’t bother me ( i had it happen too) i know some people want to farm on their planet before it closes , overall yeah you kind of paid for it and since RNG is already a ‘‘female dog’’
just because i think its not a problem for me doesn’t mean its not a problem for others.
my thoughts are that the atmosphere needs to be raised somehow so you get kicked out of a closing planet just because it literally cant kick you without it for example return you to sanctum with the 10 second countdown that’s what I’m assuming? overall yeah i think if someone wants to farm their last minutes on their planet they should be able to do so.

its a bit silly really if you think about it, you buy 30 days exact but you are being kicked before it actually ran out, and then you have the RNG where its never pointed out that the biomes you pick could also be messed up and not what it shows on the actual picture so we all know that creating a planet its either money thrown away or money well spend, either way i think a little compensation on that matter is fair, so lets say add a couple of hours or give planet fuels etc. 30 days + 1 day bonus.

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My first Sov, I had a biome that was not what was pictured. Level 5 biome, Ancient Temple. Pic showed stone pyramids surrounded by rivers. The reality was stone pyramids as island groups out in the ocean. the worst part was that after you got a couple of layers in, they were completely hollow, with drops that went to the core.

My 2nd one, I chose the no rivers option. I ended up with several biomes contain big holes that went all the way to the core at a 45 degree angle.

Yeah, RNG can really screw your biome.

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Really? I’m boggled…I gotta list the length of my arms my knickers are in a twist about (excluding real life stuff) and this one doesn’t make the the top 20…
I suppose when you buy the planet you stand in the sanctum the whole time to make sure you hit the planet the instant it’s generated. Wouldn’t wanna lose time on the front end too…


its like 20-30 minutes and i think you need to return to sanctum not sit in it.

That’s what I was thinking… My world generated like 15 hours after I requested it, while I was asleep. I missed it’s first like 6 hours to sleep and then had to work after 30 mins of exploring.

While I sympathize with this, and hope that it’s a quick enough fix that they will do it, I don’t think this should be prioritized if it’s non-trivial.

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Interesting to know that the Soviergns act just like the Exo’s when they depart! Thats pretty awesome! I have seen many Exo’s depart and riding them out as they leave is pretty awesome.

However, that means within the last 20 minutes usually the atmosphere will increase as the planet goes to ‘leave’ the solar system and fades from existence. It lets people get their things together and then off the planet.

As for “I paid for the time, I need every minute of it” – There’s no way to calibrate when people can turn their planets on and off when THEY play, without the devs adding something to allow planet timers to sync for when your characters log in or not.

Making this any sort of a priority I don’t think will happen, but maybe suggesting a feature to do something like i described where the planet syncs to only when you log-in UNLESS you set it on your world control to “Always be on”