[REMINDER] Extend or Remove Sovereign and Creative worlds!

Hey Everyone.

We’re coming up to 30 days since the launch of the private worlds. And there are now many many worlds online!


If you want to keep your world then please make sure you add fuel to the world to extend its life. You can easily fuel any world that you own or have beacons on via the Shop > Redeem tab in game. So if you’re sharing a world with friends or guild members then you can collectively maintain a world.


Whilst a world is inactive and can’t be visited you can still reclaim beacons to recover your items. You can do this directly from your Beacon list as you can’t visit the world.

Once a world has expired you currently have 2 weeks to extend the world. If the world is not extended that all beacons on the world will automatically be reclaimed and the world retired.

(We are reviewing the rules around extending worlds in response to usage patterns.)


Keeping unwanted worlds after they have expired does cost us some money, and it seems silly to waste resources if the owners already know that they don’t intent to renew them. So with this in mind:

  1. If you have an active Sovereign or Creative world that you no long want then please let us know and we can remove it.

  2. If you have an expired Sovereign or Creative world that you do not intend to extend then please let us know and we can remove it.

Please respond to this thread or drop me a quick PM if you have a world I can remove.


We can also transfer world ownership between players. If you want to transfer ownership please send me a PM from the owners accounts including the details.

Please let me know if you have any questions about maintaining your Sovereign and Creative world.


In response to a few queries below - the system for locking and then terminating worlds runs automatically. This isn’t something that we need to process manually.

My query here was for worlds that we could terminate early given there are likely many online that we already know aren’t going to be extended. I think this is more of a one-off given the initial burst of worlds.

We have considered an option of giving players an action in game for transferring and terminating worlds.


You can remove Mebsuta from my account Neostone.

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Feel free to remove Creative World ID 301, Uvenst and Sovereign World ID 443, Arda I.

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can existing worlds be transferred to a different region in case someone wants them ? (EU -> US / AUS?)


Feel free to remove (accounts Paka and pakathecat) -

Stellamaris II
Oria V
Wonderstruck is Awesome :smiley:
Evil Paka’s Lair :smiling_imp:
In Memory of Justin
War Eagle!

Apologies :flushed: and thanks!!


You can remove these 3 worlds I own : Huurska, Doria Prime and Outland.
They all have more than a week of world fuel but were basically created only to add more gleam to the sovereign gleam list. Nobody has told me that they liked coming/warping to these worlds, so I personally don’t care.

You can remove All Hallow’s Eve from my list of planets. Thank you!

You can remove planet :o:, won’t be renewing it. Didn’t find it worth the money to keep thank you.

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Is there a way to make this less of a strain on you guys? All at once, spread out over a week or so?
I admit, I’ve bought planets and rerolled to get a better biome layout. I hate to have my silliness burden you guys. OTOH, I’m all about saving ya’ll some money!


You can remove Sulvana.

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Here are ten planets that can be removed early:

Ditto this, whatever is best, will do… since I’ll probably do some more experiments, and try to roll a Shock around Alcyon. I’m not going to do as many in the future (yeah, we’ll see how that goes, I know) but I’m happy to do whatever best on the deletion: If it saves money on your all’s end to delete right away if I know I don’t want it, like if I don’t get it around the planet I want, I can do that, or save them to submit in clumps. Thanks for all the work and sorry for extra I’ve created here!! :slight_smile:

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Potent Brown
Diabolical Brown

You can get rid of those two :smiley:

please terminate/implode/kaboooom all my chill t5s :wastebasket: as listed below



I’ll post rest once they are locked as using them to harvest mats.

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You can remove all my owns.

Therka imposter
And some t4… Didnt even finnish it. I bet you can find it.

@james how many worlds do you think will be left at the end of Oct 31st?

Enter here!


how do i buy the fuel code? i cant find the button in game. i see the ad for creative and sovereign worlds on the shop/worlds tab, and i see the tab to redeem a code, but i cant find the button to actually purchase the fuel. i also tried checking the playboundless.com website. i am on pc if it matters.

am i missing something, kind of like when i lose my glasses on my face?

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You’ll need to go to https://shop.playboundless.com/


god bless you woman.