It’s back! Forest / tree contest 1 year anniversary at Naughty Hunt Lodge - 2.5 mil in prizes (so far) - all participants get 50k

Forest contest is back! 1 year anniversary!

It’s also the two year anniversary of DK Mall this month!

Contest is on circa at Naughty Hunt Lodge, portals available at DK Mall and DK Tree and TNT and everywhere else. Feel free to get started building any time! Just pick a blank spot

Looking for sponsors! I’ll put in 500k myself (I have a bunch of events planned for October or I’d do more) Hopefully I’ll get a bunch of co sponsors!

Also, if you “get” someone to build a tree, you get a 5k bounty per person you bring (and they get 50k for building their tree)! Help me promote my contest!

Last year’s contest

@catfud 1 million
@Marcello666 1 million


Updated with 5k bounty for each person you bring to the contest

Tell your friends!

You get 5k and they get 50k!

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heard some of u have problems to find forged tools…

i can donate a few stags hammers (need to know the tier you like to have)

and 1m coin

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@cosmiccori another way to earn some coins xd


Has it really been a year?? :open_mouth: :sob:


@boundmore @Peyago @Odeon @Heureka
@EdWe @GrayFrequency @Mittekemuis
@Tmmk @RedY3 @karakavra




7 stags t 5 hammers

2 stags t 6 hammers…

yep thats almost another million

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Shouldn’t that be " You get 5k and they get 50k" ?

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No i get all


Oh, I’m surprised it’s not on a creative. I’ll have to work on some materials for this!

What you need. Lol i got load of woodstuff

A generous offer, but I should be alright. Gathering the right materials, especially with sovereigns, is half the fun of building.

It looks like the contest was split into categories last time, is that the case this time as well? It won’t change my build - just curious.

Depending on entries and sponsorship but yeah probably the same 2 categories

No real need for creative for this, it’s mostly just wood and leaves :blush: part of the fun!


so its the frozen forest one ? or is it ?

Open to any designs you like

Ye i just meant is the frozen forest the place
The name i mean… Just found the halloween one and frozen forest so i assumed its that

Yup that’s the place

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Thnks punchie


Any trees or trees-in-progress people want to show off yet?

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@ellyphant @Dexx666