The Wizard's Tower Ruins

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Okay, my submission for DK’s tree contest is finally ready. It’s the first thing you see when you go through the “DK Tree Contest” portal at TNT (NW corner, N side).

The tree includes a small narrative experience, a jumping puzzle, and some fun tree traversal.

If you hate the jumping puzzle, get to the top of the stairs and grapple the lantern straight up. That will bypass 90% of the jumping.

I encourage you to look at it both during the day and at night(without a light stick, if you can), as the leaves let in a pleasant amount of light.

This one is a very small teaser of the final room, which is my favorite:

After a while, I’ll probably post some screenshots of the full room.

The build is definitely inspired by a temple build from last time, I think it was George’s?

Feedback on each part is strongly encouraged!


It looks like it’s growing out an old stump! I love it


It’s hard to see in that picture, but that’s the crumbling remains of the wizard tower.

After a time, I’ll probably write up a description/story of the event that “caused” this, but for now I want to see how people react to the text snippets I put up in the tree & tower.