Auction House

Idk that would take away from other elements of the game though. Especially foot traffic and like @Sulfurblade said in another relevant post, it would be punishing dedicated shopkeepers that actually do thier homework on other stores prices.

Lol. It’s fine. I can sound abrupt as well.

To me, it looks like all you want to do is maximize the store system. Make it easy for people to mass buy instead of mining/crafting things themselves.

I want people to see a building up on the hill and visit it. Not ignore it because the listing shows it has nothing you want.

I want incentive for people to visit places for reasons other than shopping.

And I want shopping to be buys of opportunity, not checking off items in a checklist. “I wonder what he has” will never be a thing if there are master lists.

Why build a great store if all your products are listed? Just build a boring square because you don’t need to attract customers.

I have Amazon, I don’t want to play Amazon.

This city was created before footfall was implemented in the game.

Clearly, footfall wasn’t needed. I have provided proof backin’ up my argument.

edit 2

Havin’ watched streamers like Lollash make his Hobbit Settlement, I’m also aware they did so without ever talking about footfall, so that’s additional evidence supportin’ my case.

The outside of the stores in Boundless has nothing to do with getting me to use them. If it is a boring square and has good prices and is easy to navigate and find what I want in the store that is all I care. Like Wal-Mart, no one has every said their stores are built to attract people from the outside, their prices and range of merchandise is.

If I am looking at builds or exploring I am not shopping. If I am shopping I am looking for the product and smart enough to not think that a pretty store has the best price or what I want inside just because is it pretty.

Arnt you the burger man?

Time to add my 2 cents once again. Ahem. First:

You say this, but I bet if you took a portal, and the building on the other side is ugly, run down, and just basic looking with no effort, you wouldn’t event attempt to look inside and see if there was any deals. You would assume they were junk, because the store is junk, and just go back out and try another portal. Especially since you apparently hate walking, so not going to waste time on an obious trash dump, that could end up having a lot of good stock, just an owner that sucks or doesn’t care about visuals outside.

But if the store was fancy, with a lot of work and dedication in the looks, with cool designs that catches your eye. You are almost garentied to look and see if they have anything you want. Because it looks nice, and professional, so you assume it was made by a dedicated player who keeps up with their stock and didn’t abandon the game weeks ago and the timer slowly burning away.

With that out of the way. People using the ‘You get 100c a day’ excuse are bloody stupid. I hate sounding mean, but you are. Yes, you get 100c, but what does that really buy you? It buys you 1 free portal home if on the same world, and that’s it. You can’t actually buy anything of USE with that 100c. It takes many weeks, if not MONTHS of collecting 100c a day, everyday, before you have enough to actually buy something you might need.

And if you’re a gatherer who goes out and collects everything they need, with an Alt that can craft everything they need. Then of course money has no meaning to you, you have everything you need and don’t need to buy anything. The problem is, that’s the MAJORITY of players, and why most shops fail. Cause even if they have all the best items for sale at the best prices. Not many players to actually BUY the items. Cause the ones that could use it, make their own, and the ones that don’t make their own, can’t afford it even if they wanted, unless they wait days on end for it.

Footfall money, is a way for people to generate money over time without having to log in every day for 100c. Especially in a bigger community. And what someone might be right in that it encourages people to make half worked buildings everywhere. It’s up to the EXPLORER to see that building and decide “You know what. I don’t want to walk over there” to deny those half built players their free money.

Honestly, there needs to be a way to generate money in the game. Even Eve Online, the biggest player driven economy game to exist, with actual professional economy majors hired on by the devs to help them, still have missions/quests, fighting against NPCs or other ‘Jobs’ like Hauling and Mining, you can farm infinitely for cash.

How can a shop sell something if the customers don’t have the money for it, and how can the customers get the money for it, if they’ve done all the quest like guide missions on that character and have to rely on Footfall and Daily 100c.

Short term new characters won’t have much of an issue. They completing a lot of quests, leveling up fast, and will stockpile a lot. But after a few days, they will hit a sudden point where quests completed starts being rare, leveling up will become very slow, and their income of money becoming none existance.

For me, it was 3 days. After 3 days and hitting lvl 20, I rarely ever complete any of my missions anymore unless I specifically go out of my way, ignoring what I want to do and how I play, to complete the mission and making money from that.

I barely get enough Footfall money to replace my Iron Hammer when it breaks after a few hours of mining.

This. I making my build so people walking out and about the wilds will see it and be like “wow, that looks neat”

obviously them a actually walking through it and checking it out first hand is even better and the footfall is just a plus, and the footfall I get is merely a drop in the bucket to waht city folk get.

Why don’t you craft your own iron hammer?

Don’t assume other people judge by the cover jus because you do. Last time I was checking prices of some items, I run into store portals before they even load. I don’t care how store looks. I’m interested in prices not the store. And now the spectrum for every item is so broad I don’t go shopping at all.

Nope. The only store so far that catch my eye is Chissel store on Merika, because it was nice, and I complemented to owner I like how it looks… but I didn’t by anything there either.

Nope. Because It looks nice, I know it’s a player who likes to build, nothing to do with trading skills, or what and how much he/she has in stock. That’s not correlated at all.

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And yet you remember the store and where it is. If you’re looking to buy a chisel in the future won’t that have an effect on your decision making? I’m not trying to imply that the looks of a store have a huge impact, but they do have an impact. There’s a reason so much is spent on marketing in the real world.

They had a system like this in Everquest. In a zone called the Bazaar there was an npc that would let you search for an item then you picked which person you wanted it from and it would show you where their character was to buy it from.


Please no auction house and no shop api for 3rd websites and no global price lists.

It is a game mechanic that some areas have traffic, ppl put efford in generating high traffic for adjacent shops.

its a role you can have in the game, instead of run shops you provide areas with good traffic for shops (and you earn footfall)

shopping in boundless as it is now is walking around and check stuff, knowing where to get best prices is an effort, i even made alot money with “buy here and sell there”, dont replace this fancy stuff with “scrolling through a list, or sort the list by price and click the first in list” mechanics.

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You obviously have not seen the prices in some shops. With this “everyone makes their own price” there are rude people who put prices up to 5 times what something is worth in an attempt to trick people to give them coin or mats at an outrageous price.

thats capitalism, nobody is forced to go into this deal, and if ppl buy the first thing they see then this is theyr own fault.
i also bought overprized stuff when i was not into the prizes, ■■■■ happens.

Me having to buy chisels instead of just making one is a bold assumption. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, no it won’t make me go and buy there, If I really would need to buy chisel I’ll visit every store I can, write down lowest price, and get back to the one that has lowest price. But since I can’t visit them all, and I don’t know where to even look for them chisels shops, I’ll think all of those overpriced (because they are), and just make my own… wait… that’s what wrote in first sentence :thinking:

if you think they all are overpriced, start making a mass and sell them for a better price and become rich =)

Personally I’m the same way, I’d rather do the exhaustive research first and base my decision off of that. But let’s be honest, that is the exception and not the rule.

And what will that coin get me? I have already tons of cash from feats and footfall. Nothing to spend it on, when I can just craft what I need. And making more cash just for the sake of having it? Living like this is stupid, playing like tholis would be even more…

I agree that building in a city is the best option but not the only option.

It’s a block-building game with signs and all sorts of things that allow us to be creative and do something to attract others to visit and let them know you are there.

I am miles away from the city but that sure is not going to stop me getting creative in pulling traffic my way :stuck_out_tongue:

so then your point of stuff being overprized makes no sence, when you got so much money that you dont even know what to do with it, then how can stuff be overprized then?

the game might see an inflation over time, but an auction house will not help with this.