⚡:Pixelgate City

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What is Pixel Gate?

Pixel Gate is a city, created to accommodate trading, player shops and houses in one place, looking to bring a town with districts and divisions to Boundless. Main goal of our city is to create a space for people to play together.

City Policy

Pixel Gate is divided into two areas:

  • trading
  • and shop/house.

Trading area is all about making trading in Boundless much easier. We have created 36 plots for players - 1 plot per player - to sell and buy, quick and fast. Our goal was to create a compact space where everyone can sell their good and find their customers. It’s all free of charge. We do not claim any taxes for owning a plot here and never will!
If you want to have your own home and shop, you can do so in the shop/house area, where we only ask you to keep the connections to the road ground level, and to request for the quantitty of plots you’ll take at the start. So we can plan ahead.

City Layout

Center of our city is a trading area. 36 trading plots in total, area of 9x9 plots.
Beneath that space players can build their own houses. It’s up to you where you want to build your creations, but we only ask you to follow the guidelines shown below.

Our city is divided into 4 other districts

Welcome to the Jungle - Here we aim to build mainly with wood materials.
Ancient District - Stone structures, yes. You can build pyramids here, ancient Towers made of stone, Aqueducts, Big mansions and there’s generally a huge mountain to populate
Desert District - If you are brave enough you can build your house in desert district. Structures made of sandstone, sand, rock are welcome here.
Mixed - It doesn’t matter if you are shaken or stirred reading this. In Mixed district you can combine your styles to create any structure you want to. It can even be a temple of higher gods made out of soil (square block). No specific guidelines here!


To live in peace with other people we suggest appeal to these guidelines when creating your plot

Trading Area:
You may have only one trading plot in trading area, you may sell items in your home aswell.
You must provide a clear path to other plots

Home/Shop Area
When claiming a space for your home, plan your house a little and leave some space for other people. But if you really want to build something, go ahead! There are no limits :slight_smile:
We would like you to build by the main road, however you can build your house in a medium distance and provide a path to your house

Be respectful

Trading Plot

There are 36 trading plots. You can claim one for free. Just ask Karokendo or Dzchan to assign you to your selected plot and start trading :slight_smile:

Our localisation on Solum


You can find us at:
-200 1800
Planet: Solum (US east)

All players are welcome! :slight_smile:

Pixelgate Day 1:

Pixelgate Before:

Pixelgate Now!

Lots of traders here

And we have just finished 1st floor of our Oort Temple!


I actually ran across this city a couple weeks back. Looks nice. Good luck with it!

You turned the holy Boundless logo upside down. HERESY!

Jokes aside, A+ for presentation and planning.


That’s really a true heresy :smiley:

Come and burn our town with holy fire!

We have built our first trading post populated with items! ^^


I am getting flashbacks of blood altars and the resurrection of very dark beings from looking at that pic. 3 thumbs up.

Our city is organizing a competition. Valuable prizes including Gem Tools to win! Click to: [Enter the Raffle] (Join prospering trading community and WIN a set of Gem Tools!)

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Looks amazing, apologies for what might be a silly question but how close it is to Dragons Watch?

I’d like to set a little stall up somewhere on Solum in the future, but would love a populated area and Dragons Watch seems to look nice (once I pull my finger out my bum and finish my Therka market stall.)

DW = 1328 977
PG = -200 1800
3 minutes walk away from DW!

I’m sure Pixel Gate will be populated city very soon :slight_smile:

First Building in Pixel Gate is completed!

And it was built by… me! :smiley: I hope it looks good and drags attention. I’m going to make a big market inside and sell various items - tools, ores, coal, gems ^^


We’re happy to announce that our city grows!

There are new traders settled down in Pixelgate :slight_smile:


First portal in oort history is now active! Connects Therka Market 1378 1907(Therka) (Under pharaohnah piramid) and Pixelgate -200 1800(Solum) (Portal Hub)


Was an awesome experience!

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haha, it’s amazing just walking through to another planet!

I love the little stall you’ve got set up as well for people to donate oort shards sicne the portal is free to travel through :slight_smile:


It’s so nice to see that many players together! <3 <imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3cf0a672a466e201190d0b6ed7831dba4b8d4e6c.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”>


Someone in Pixel Gate is really going crazy on amethysts :smiley:

I’ve never seen so many people together! :slight_smile:

We’ve also opened a portal to Dragon’s Watch!



I think there was around 15 people in all at various times between Therka, Dragons Watch and Pixelgate - it was a really fun night!


adn there was i digging for diamonds at andoweem at the foundation of hopefully a new interesting settlement, check it out :smiley: https://forum.playboundless.com/t/a-beautiful-plateau-settlers-unite-d/6595

regards going to @Xandon

New portal to Munteen VII is up!

And the one to Vulpto is comming!