⚡:Pixelgate City

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Looks great! I’d love to open a portal to Pixel Gate and/or Dragons Watch - I have one so far from my home to Munteen where I dig amethyst. How does it work with me placing a portal in your beacon?


Now our portals lead to Therka Market (Therka), Dragon’s Watch(Solum) and Berlyn Township(Berlyn)

From these 3 you can get further to ring and moon planets :wink:

Some screenshots


Portal to Nasharil just opened in Beryln


Is there still room for a relatively new player? And also any suggestions on what to sell, in general?


There’s plenty of room in the house/shop area (more than 1 plot, after the sedimentary stone)
There’s still room in the trading area, but for that you’ll have to contact @Karokendo


After introduction of portals our city expanded a lot. We have many new citizens settled down :slight_smile:


A view from above

Also caught a dev at Pixelgate


I like the Boundless logo square :sunglasses:


it looks really nice from way up. great job guys! i hope to link up to this one day with a portal.

one portal from world to world is nice but worlds are big. would be nice to end up with several portals , for each hemisphere of the planets.

keep up the good work!


Well made a Hollywoodesque sign for the city, and some poster photos?


I love that :smiley: good job dzchan


Pixelgate Day 1:

Pixelgate Before:

Pixelgate Now!

Lots of traders here

And we have just finished 1st floor of our Oort Temple!



where is this one located, i haven’t seen this one somehow


my house, made it like 1 hour ago :wink:


okay, so good reason why i haven’t seen it. you selling gold Karo?


I don’t really know how much i should sell it for so i set a price of 200. I will change it later perhaps


Love the progress on that Oort Temple and its nice to see even more players making homes/shops in Pixelgate.


Planetary transfer hub now open in pixel gate. leading to all worlds except Septerfon and Andooweem.

Are you ort enough to take the extreme portal jump challenge? Run (screaming if you must) through this portal and when your feet hit red JUMP!

Happy porting!


I didn’t jump, but I fell, does that get any points?


You get an A for effort.