⚡:Pixelgate City

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We’re ready for the beacon prestige update!


Heck yes you are! Easily the most successful beacon in the game at the moment, there is no doubt about that!


Also i made a nice floating island where you can rest, observe the city and ocasionally falling people who don’t stop at the edge xD


im curious how the gem tools are being made. i thought we needed ‘‘power’’ a resource via a machine that wasnt in the game yet.


Nah, spark is different than power. It’s somewhat counter intuitive when you think about it, but spark is made in the power cores. Power is not yet in game.

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they did change the name of it to spark core though. so it makes more sense


when i first began mining gems i tried to make a gem tool (i think) and i recall vaguely that power was one of the ingredients to do that, where the only things i could make with gems were torches, and blocks. ill revisit the crafting site and check that out… if we can make them with spark ive been sitting on TOO MUCH RUBY for no reason :heart_eyes_cat:

also i am familiar with spark if youll recall the post where i had 6 power cores stacked but one was being silly and was reporting it as a bug. theyre all fine now (tho i did remove one to place near another beacon so a friend could have access to it, though i need to move it back since i reassigned them as a villager to the temple)


I hadn’t noticed the name change, that’s good. @T4LCOMX yeah I remember that post now, it’s good that they got it fixed.

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Did you acquire that Ruby before the most recent update? I’m having a difficult time finding any gems right now. Would you be willing to trade any of them? :slight_smile:

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yes sometime at the end of last year i made a venture to vulpto and collected 100+


Gems seem to be much harder to find post 159. My ruby mine on Vulpto has been barren since. I did manage to find my first emeralds on Alturnik this weekend though! :smiley:

I’ve many several ruby tools. Basically you put rough gems into the compactor and get compact gems, I think at a ratio of 10 rough to 1 compact. Then the compact gems go into the refinery and yield refined gems, ratio 1 compact gem to 1 refined gem. Finally, use the redefined gems in your workbench to make tools. Of course, spark is required at each step. I hope I got that all right as I’m just going by memory and don’t have any rough gems to go through the process with to be sure. But that should be pretty close. :wink:


Do you, per chance, remember on what depth / altitude you found the Emeralds? And were they in any special place, such as found under a lava lake?

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I didn’t check the altitude, but it was a good ways above lava. And only found 13 emeralds. Searched the area for about another hour, no dice. There was some copper, silver and hard coal nearby.

BTW, I’m following your MEGA thread on gems and will contribute when I get good data. :wink:


maybe it was the decorative gem blocks that required the ‘power’ or w/e that resource was…

its good to know i can make gem tools. the gem bows seem to do a nice bit of damage. probably the only thing id consider worthwhile of any gemstone is the slingbows… they seem to last a lot longer than any other tool. and with ores being not too terribly hard to find, it makes the need for gem based hammers/axes etc. less reasonable.

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id like to make portals there but having to make such large portals dissuades me

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its actually cheaper to build one portal to every world, connecting between worlds, meaning instead of jumping septerfon to vulpto or those jumps

make one portal on each world, connecting to each world. then it only eats 1 per hour. combined that’s only 13 shards per hour. a lot cheaper than other ways it could be


its also cheaper if you create 1 big portal hub to market place in 1 “main planet” what leads to all planets instead of creating many hubs in many planets. this would be something made by community/guild. it would be much less confusing and easier to manage and get shard donations from people, they don’t have to run around and find all those donation plinths. there’s no point having 2 portals from solum to munteen when you could just make 1 to muntee and in muntee to create the portal to the location you prefer (less hops). when they add signs it becomes even more organized. (personal portals you could make inside your base or at least separated from the hub and hidden/less noticeable to not mess with the economy.)

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New citizens, New roads, New houses! :smiley:
City grows again…

Jungle houses

Nice pagodas

and my gpu’s bug ^ xD

something huge will be located here

Jiivita’s temple


Another portal hub!



So many nice buildings, i visit from time to time to see it grow, yesterday i got lost in @30nstillgaming´s big house…
Love @Jiivita ´s temple to, beautiful colors.


This is such a cool city. I do not have much time to play, but when I can I like to do like Heureka and visit Pixel Gate from time to time just to see the whole city growing.