⚡:Pixelgate City

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Several new structures in just one day!

A lovely house built by @TwistedFoot

I hope that tree in nasharil style doesn’t spawn cuttletrunks

Foundation for an unnamed house by the city owned by a nice couple

Two small houses by the lake near our city, probably built some time ago.


Lol @30nstillgaming is such a great builder… I’m jelly xD

Ooo thank you! @Kippy helped with the planning and building. She will be happy to hear that =) I hope to make it a bit more nature-y at some point to better fit with that part of town, taking a bit of a brake from it for now hehe


I hope that tree in nasharil style doesn’t spawn cuttletrunks

I wish I could bring a couple of my cuttletrunk friends with me. They kept coming to visit me while I was harvesting materials on Nasharil.


I’ve decided that I want to build my main home here in PixelGate, but I am curious…

Does there -have- to be an easily accessible path to your house? I had planned on building a structure high in the sky in the Ancient district. Is that against any rules?


Not at all :slight_smile: If you want to build a floating structure just make a nice connection with it through a portal (I suppose you’ll want to enter it someway :smiley: ), but you’re not limited to that at all.

If you can do that, don’t build it exactly by the road like

beacause it will leave some kind of dead area below your plot, leave a 2 plot space for other people builings by the road and good luck! :slight_smile:

PS Guildelines are just guildelines. You can build your floating structure any way you want.


Great. Thank you. :slight_smile:


If you want you can build directly behind my hub. There is a nice hill there and I left an arched door near the back of my build in case anyone wanted to set up there.


Thank you! I’ll take a look at that. It might be a few days before I have the time to get everything together for the move.


Hey my Mario base made the cut :tada::tada::tada::grin:
I just started working on an original Link sprite. I was thinking of having him hold up a giant sign that said pixel gate or maybe pixel corner. What do you guys think?


Well there’s already a sign right behind your mario, so I don’t think we’ll need another sign lol



I know, but I figured there’s nothing wrong with some extra advertisement for our city. But I don’t have to if it’s not wanted.


You’re free to put up a sign, I think Pixel Corner has a nice ring to it.


A temple project I’ve been working on in Pixel Gate. It’s still a WIP but I’ve gotten a good baseline set for the rest of the build. Open to any recommendations on how to finish the sides/top :kissing_heart:


I’ve been past your build a few times. I really like the look - it seems to me like a fusion between Oort like future tech and a Japanese tower.

Perhaps you could finish the top in the same fashion? Bring the roof up to a sharp point made out of the same blue Gleam you’ve been using? Sort of like an antenna.

The sides are a tough one. It’s in danger of looking too predictable. Perhaps use Gleam to write out some Oort symbols on each panel, if you have enough room? Sort of like what they’ve done at the large tower.

Keep up the good work! I know how much of a pain it is gathering that blue Gleam.


Just joined the jungle section :smiley:

Will be building tonight! Awesome place, awesome game :slight_smile:


Welcome :slight_smile:


haha, thanks for joining our city Cosmis :slight_smile: We’re going to open a huge portal network in pixelgate soon :slight_smile: Also our temple in close to completion, feel free to visit us building it :smiley:


I’ll go explore the city right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, its much appreciated :smile:


Nice to meet you this morning Cosmis. Welcome to the Boundless community. Look forward to seeing what you build in Pixelgate. Hopefully see you around. Let me know if you need anything else. Happy to help you out.