⚡:Pixelgate City

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A little confused :confused:


It’s a known issue if you don’t give the portal enough time to load up… go back to sanctum which should then spit you out on the roof :wink:


Well, I jumped a little there and it let me go :grin:



I stood in that same spot the other day @Nibuls - it’s an awesome view. Shame you can’t see @Cookviper’s stuff from up there though.


I would love to join the Pixelgate Community! I have made a little hut on a hill and am looking for some supplies to build a better place. Is there a trading center here? or are there selling plinths just scattered around?


On the center of the town, there an assortment of shops, close is jiivitas red temple with gold, that sells good.

If you don’t find what you need. You can always take a portal to therka market on the big temple.


awesome thanks so much! :smiley:


A look at the newest roads. I want to suggest some things we would like to see in Pixel Gate.
Don’t leave gaps between your plot and the road, if you’re building next to it.

We accept multiple builds around the city. But it would be nice to consult before building. So we can decide if it’s a good idea or not. There’s a couple folks with multiple builds around the city, and it doesn’t make much sense. Most of the time, one build per person should be good enough. For those exceptions, we would like to be consulted.

Other than that. it’s really nice to look at what’s been build around. There’s a lot of space to be filled. And we would like to see some new faces.


Hey now…I’ve got three builds in three different locations but for good reason. I grabbed a spot close to the temple so that nobody else would grab it and put a garbage looking building there, but at the same time I created an inner-city portal house that takes you to two different corners of the city quickly which explains my third plot which is only one plot but needed in order to place a portal. If you want I will tear all of it down and let somebody else have those spots. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s why I was asking to either consult @karokendo or me. I’m not too sold on the idea of having portals to travel around the city. Pixel Gate is not as big to require them. And sometimes portals may just affect the server and load times overall.

I will be glad if you removed the portal that’s alone, and could rework/finish on the house by the temple. Your “Cook’s Corner” is perfect.

That decision is mostly based on the fact that many people start something and then never get to finish it. But start claiming some more plots. And that we wanted people to ask us in advance. [quote=“Karokendo, post:1, topic:6521”]
If you want to have your own home and shop, you can do so in the shop/house area, where we only ask you to keep the connections to the road ground level, and to request for the quantitty of plots you’ll take at the start. So we can plan ahead.


I really like your house by the temple :slight_smile: It’s well designed, however i’m just afraid 2 additional portals in pg are just not needed and may generate lags for some users.

I support Dzchan’s and i think you should remove these 2 portals, but i definitely want your house to stay! :slight_smile:


Can the game and server seriously not handle that many portals in one area?


idk, but when @SilberB opened his hub, many people had issues and lagged a lot.


If you’ve been at @SilberB attempt to make a portal to every planet in one spot, which sadly didn’t work, you’ll notice how taxing portals are on the servers. Pixel being as large as it is, and having the portals at the temple and Jeffs place, is still playable with the portals available. But as more and more portals start to appear. It gets taxing, Maybe not for systems like mine. But when I’m playing on some friends laptop, you can definitely see it.

You can go to a less crowded area and check at your FPS, it will be higher most of the time, compared to Pixel Gate.


I understand…but am pretty disappointed. I use those inner city portals all the time and I know others do too cuz I’ve been getting Oort stone donations to keep them running. I would imagine there’s a certain range in which a portal doesn’t interfere with others. Has anybody tested that?


im actually working on the range you need to be away for different portals to “open” up and render, so yes i am configuring my old portal hub and working on somthing new :slight_smile:


@Cookviper remember we made this city for players. 160 out of 170 plots in my case are spent on that city.
I don’t want to judge anyone/tell anyone what to do. In the end up to you what decision will you make.

I’m here just to keep everything in order :slight_smile:


gotcha…I’ll remove my stuff tomorrow when I can get on.


so far the only real complaint i’ve had is loading times.

it’s faster for me to go through Jeff’s portals, and then to Therka, instead of Karo’s… don’t know if your portals are messing with that at all. i like your stuff but you did suddenly pop up and take a surprising amount, but so did Colinro. and i prefer your style to his