⚡:Pixelgate City

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maybe one little portal in the center of market to the Temple? please :grin:


i made my home near a small portal that leads into the city, as a new player it was like discovering fire! little overwhelming but i love being near it, for when i need to shop. what are the active hours on this world, and in the city in particular?


it’s all over the place. most people have very open times that they play, and Pixel Gate is comprised of more people than just Eastern US members.


Alright …I removed the small portal and will remove the other one a little later. And just so you guys know, I really do appreciate all the hard work you guys put into the giant portal hub and being able to build in PG has been awesome. I also realize the amount of Oort stones needed to keep all of those portals running. I’m assuming that you have MANY donators contributing to their maintenance. I would love to donate as well because having that many portals all together has proved to be extremely valuable and useful in PG. Please set up a buying table for both Oort stones and shards near the hub so all can donate easily. I also have to say in regards to my buildings in PG, the reason I chose to build on the outer edge of the city is because I new I would need to claim lots of plots for my builds. I hope that nobody feels I’m hogging too many plots cuz I plan on expanding quite a bit. However, I will try and expand away from the city so as to leave open slots for new comers.


City can always expand as more people and plots come. That’s why we’re willing for people to have multiple beacons if requested. We just wanted to be able to plan ahead.

Will set up the plinths today.


Pixelgate day 0

Pixelgate 2 months later


Very kewl!


Impressive achievement, this city. the way you planned and rallied people around the idea. The temple is obviously the most spectacular part of it all. It stands out not only in the city but in the entire planet and even Boundless universe.


:oort_b: :oort_o: :oort_u: :oort_n: :oort_d: :oort_m: :oort_o: :oort_r: :oort_e:


that is my portal :kissing_heart:


I made a Time-lapse video today that I thought you guys might enjoy.


i appreciate it! if you set up a donation box ill drop you some of the oort ore or whatever its called to help keep it up. we should meet in game sometime, maybe we can get a few more people set up into our little colony :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys I’d love to set up a build in pixel gate finally:p I’ve got a location picked out up along the new road in the farthest corner from the rest of the city. It will require 9 plots total (3x3). The majority will be made of red lustrous timber. I’m going to drop a beacon there and plot it. Take a look and let me know if that will work okay before I start building. Thanks!

Un-Beacon'd build

Hopefully it’s not right where I chose. Cuz I chose a corner as well


nope i saw yours:p its up the stairway on the opposite side of the road


Cool, glad I’m not cramping your style


I’ve seen your style. I’d more likely be cramping yours;) that lake build is insane!


Not quite finished though. Don’t know what to do for the other half of my basement


i just recently (sorta) finished my build in pixel gate! just opened my shop :wink: directly across from the temple of oort. mostly selling refined gleam at the moment. willing to take any suggestions for what to sell, and how to improve the look of the place :slight_smile:


I’m asking it as a favor, both @Karokendo and me, want to know before you build something.

I understand some settlements giving total freedom. But after many builds not progressing, and difference in styles, we are asking with more effort to be informed before any new build. I just saw your new build pop up today.


:expressionless: didnt know this